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Auburn woman charged with second-degree murder of partner on Christmas Eve


Bridgette Corrine Cook, 43, of Auburn, has been charged with second-degree murder, following a violent incident involving an intimate partner in Renton on Christmas Eve, 2023.

According to court documents filed by the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Cook is accused of being armed with a firearm and committing a crime against Jerid K. Sprague, 29, an intimate partner, constituting domestic violence under Washington state law.


The tragic event unfolded amidst the backdrop of a Christmas gift exchange, leaving a community in shock and mourning the loss of Sprague.

Charging documents allege that Cook was involved in a violent altercation captured on video surveillance. The footage reportedly shows Cook punching the victim in the head before producing a firearm and pointing it at the victim’s head multiple times during a struggle inside a vehicle. The incident culminated in Cook shooting the victim behind the right ear before fleeing the scene.

Furthermore, Cook is accused of initiating the assault by punching the victim while he was driving, and then falsely accusing another individual of the shooting during an interview with detectives.

In addition to the murder charge, charging documents highlight Cook’s history of failing to appear at court-ordered hearings, with multiple instances of failure to comply with court orders and failure to appear for hearings dating back to 2001.


Here’s more info from the charging documents:

  • At approximately 3:16 a.m. on Dec. 24, 2023,, Renton Police received a 911 call reporting a shooting in the parking lot of 1150 Oakesdale Ave SW.
  • Jerid K. Sprague, 29, was found with a gunshot wound to the right side of his head.
  • Officers stopped a gold Hyundai Accent  leaving the scene and detained the driver, Bridgette C. Cook, 43, and passenger Jebediah J. Stecker, 37..
  • Witnesses reported that the shooting followed an argument inside the car, involving Sprague, Cook, and Stecker.
  • Cook, mirandized at the scene, indicated that the argument escalated inside the vehicle, resulting in a physical altercation, and a gunshot.
  • Cook claimed Sprague may have shot himself during the struggle.
  • Cook stated that the Hyundai Accent belonged to Sprague, who had obtained it a few days prior.
  • During a search warrant on the vehicle, a black Smith and Wesson “M and P Shield,” 9mm firearm, registered to Cook’s ex-husband was recovered.
  • A witness, interviewed by detectives, claimed that the argument intensified due to Sprague’s jealousy over Cook’s interaction with Stecker.
  • Stecker described an altercation inside the vehicle, mentioning a flash, a gunshot, and Sprague becoming limp.
  • Stecker initially denied involvement but later asked for an attorney.
  • Video footage obtained from the scene revealed the sequence of events inside the vehicle, showing an altercation between the occupants.
  • The video showed Sprague being shot in the head, Cook and Stecker exiting the vehicle, and eventually driving away.
  • Cook was taken into custody on Jan. 12, 2024, and denied intentionally or accidentally shooting Sprague.
  • Cook claimed the gun was hers but denied knowing it was with her until after the shooting.

The incident remains under investigation, and Cook and Stecker were released on their own recognizance following their interviews.

The State has requested bail be set at $1 million dollars, as detailed in the case summary and request for bail submitted by Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Christopher Anderson.


The Certification for Determination of Probable Cause prepared by Detective Jason Renggli of the Renton Police Department has been incorporated by the State in support of the charges against Cook.

Cook is currently in custody, and legal proceedings are pending in King County Superior Court.

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