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Launched in December 2017, the Auburn Examiner is Auburn’s unfiltered independent news source.  In today’s journalistic industry the goal is far too often first over fact.  Because of this, people often don’t know what to believe. We aim to be the place people go when they want to trust whats in front of them.

Fact checking and sourcing will be paramount on this site. The Auburn Examiner prides itself on properly investigating, researching, exposing false information and looking at an issue from all sides. We might not always be perfect, but we will have integrity and will hold ourselves accountable.

At the Auburn Examiner, we understand that due to the restrictions of word counts, package minutes and deadlines the content of a piece may be condensed at other outlets. This is not something that will be a restriction for the Auburn Examiner.

The Auburn Examiner puts out content covering a variety of topics on our news site.  We know that it is not possible to please everyone, all of the time.  It is inevitable that at some point an article or piece we publish will be disagreed with by some of our readers.  The Auburn Examiner encourages discourse and debate to explore the issue(s) being discussed.

The Auburn Examiner will not tolerate bullying, abusive comments or trolls.  It will be at the Administrator’s discretion to determine if comments or individuals require removal.

All content is reviewed and approved by the Editor in Chief, Elizabeth Miller. Contributors choose whether to attach a by-line to their articles.  The Editor in Chief takes full responsibility for all content.

As this site is independently run – editors, advertisers and corporate entities will not drive content.  If patreon logo, become a patron of Auburn Examineryou like what the Auburn Examiner is doing and would like to support our efforts, you may do so by becoming a Patron on Patreon.

Patreon is a cross between subscriptions and crowdfunding. Unlike crowdfunding, Patreon doesn’t focus on a one-time project. It’s aimed at fundraising for long-term projects that include recurring creations, like issues of newspapers or episodes of a podcast. In our case, your Patreon pledge, (should you choose) would be a monthly contribution to support the content creation on the Auburn Examiner.

If there is a topic that you wish to have researched, contact us. Until then, we’ll be keeping an eye on Auburn, as your unfiltered independent news source.

If you have any questions about The Auburn Examiner or any of its content, please contact:

Elizabeth Miller
Editor in Chief
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