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Funding the Auburn Examiner

The Auburn Examiner is a privately owned business based out of Auburn, Washington. We are in no way affiliated with any other media outlets, news agencies, organizations, companies, or government entities.

As an independent outlet, the Auburn Examiner is not under the umbrella of another publisher. While this independence allows us more freedom in our publishing decisions, it also means we lack the financial backing a larger company would provide.

To keep the news gremlins fed, and your news free, the Auburn Examiner is funded by advertising, reader donations, and owner contributions. All funding generated by the Auburn Examiner returns to the Auburn Examiner. By supporting the Auburn Examiner, you are supporting a woman and disability-owned business.

Funding Methods

Reader Donations: The Auburn Examiner is a for-profit business. All reader donations are voluntary and are not considered tax-deductible. No goods or services will be provided in exchange for any contribution made to our outlet. Learn more about supporting the Auburn Examiner.

Advertising: We host local (Auburn and the Puget Sound region) paid advertisements. In addition to our outstanding monthly rates, we offer small business and non-profit discounts. 

Email for our current media kit and rate sheet.

Native Advertising: the FTC describes native advertising as “content that bears a similarity to the news, feature articles, product reviews, entertainment, and other material that surrounds it online.” The Auburn Examiner does host native advertising. We accept the two forms of native advertising, sponsored articles (written by the advertiser), and placing backlinks in AE content. These articles are tagged as “#ad” or “#sponsored.”

Google Ads: Our preference is to utilize our ad space for local businesses. (well, honestly, it is our preference to have no ads) Unfortunately, the current state of the economy has left many local businesses with limited resources. Google, however, is going strong.

Owner contributions: Since its inception, the Auburn Examiner has primarily been funded through direct owner contributions.


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