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Police: suspect used box knife to stab, murder random victim at Muckleshoot Casino


On Monday afternoon, April 22, 2024, there was a first appearance hearing for Ricky Josh Fuentes, the suspect in Sunday morning’s (April 21, 2024) Muckleshoot Casino Resort stabbing homicide.

The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office asked that Fuentes be held, and the court set bail at $5 million.


Prosecutors anticipate getting the case referral from police for a rush file charging decision by this Wednesday, April 24.

According to a police report:

  • At approximately 1:33 a.m., Auburn Police responded to the area of the Muckleshoot Casino for a suspicious circumstances call. An unidentified person called 911 at about 1:30 a.m. and yelled, “He’s bleeding out!” and then disconnected. Further calls from Muckleshoot Security reported that a male had been stabbed inside the Casino and the suspect was detained.
  • Upon arrival, officers were led by Muckleshoot employees to a gaming area inside the establishment where the victim was bleeding profusely from a laceration to his neck. The victim’s injury started near the center of his throat, extended toward the right side of his neck, and was spurting blood across the carpeted floor of the Casino.
  • A bloody boxcutter was laying nearby and was later seized as evidence.
  • Medical personnel attempted lifesaving measures but the victim succumbed to his injuries and was declared deceased at 2:17 a.m.
  • Witnesses at the scene reported that the suspect, later identified as Ricky Josh Fuentes (09/02/1992), had walked up behind the victim while he was sitting at a gaming table. There was no altercation or prior contact between the two and the victim was facing away from Fuentes. Without provocation, Fuentes retrieved a boxcutter from his person and stabbed the victim in the neck with it at least once, causing the massive injury which led to his death. Fuentes then dropped the boxcutter on the ground and remained at the scene until he was detained in handcuffs by Muckleshoot Security personnel a few moments later.
  • Fuentes was escorted to the Casino’s internal interview room. Officers met Fuentes there and he was willing to speak about what occurred. Fuentes told an Officer that he traveled to the Muckleshoot Casino by bus with the intent to kill an associate of his. Fuentes arrived sometime around 10 p.m. and wandered the Casino looking for his associate. Unable to find him, Fuentes stated he began looking for someone else to kill instead. Fuentes observed the victim “being a bully” at a craps table and selected him as his target. Fuentes freely admitted to stabbing him in the neck.
  • An Officer reviewed surveillance camera footage which confirmed the facts of the investigation. Fuentes could clearly be seen stabbing the victim in the neck while he was sitting at a craps table. There did not appear to be any altercation between the two prior to the incident.
  • Since Fuentes traveled to the Muckleshoot Casino with the intent to kill a known associate, carried with him the means with which to do so in the form of a deadly instrument, searched for his intended target for at least three hours, transferred his intent to kill to another person when he saw the victim, and then carried out the act by stabbing him in the neck which is a location any reasonable person would know is likely to cause death, Fuentes was arrested for Murder 1st Degree, RCW 9A.32.030.

Fuentes was placed under arrest and transported to King County Jail for booking.

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