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UPDATED: Thieves Steal from the Auburn Food Bank

UPDATE:  Auburn Food Bank Executive Director Debbie Christian has provided an update on this incident.  The food bank received a phone call Thursday from the wife of the man in the green coat.  “I was very surprised to have the caller tell me she saw posts all over Facebook with pictures. She wanted to apologize for her husband.”

The man also spoke with Christian. According to the man who called the food bank, he wasn’t stealing.  In his eyes, he was taking the items to help others in another city. “I explained that without asking it is theft in our book,” said Christian.

His wife came back on and asked if she could return what was left?

The man’s wife, who was not involved, asked Christian if they could return the stolen items.  She said they could.  “She was here in about 20 minutes, alone, with three boxes of produce and three cases of water,” said Christian.  “It doesn’t equal the amount taken but it was a good-faith gesture.”

Original story below

Thieves helped themselves at the Auburn Food Bank just after 2:00pm Wednesday afternoon.

Auburn Food Bank Executive Director Debbie Christian shared that the thieves backed in a pick-up truck while staff and volunteers were inside cleaning and closing for the day.  Three individuals then stole “boxes of apples, oranges, lettuce, salad mix, fruit snacks, bread, pastries, cases of water and miscellaneous beverages.”

This theft is a hard hit to their supply, which is being relied on more than usual during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The food bank relies on overage from grocery stores.  With grocery stores regularly being cleared, these overages aren’t happening as often.  Check out this article if you would like to support the Auburn Food Bank,

Christian described the truck as a black Ford pickup, with a short bed.  The individuals were two males and a female.

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These three individuals robbed the Auburn Food Bank. Do you know them?

If you know the individuals in these photos or have any information regarding this theft, please contact the Auburn Police Department’s non-emergency tip line: (253) 288-7403 and reference case# 20-E00382.



  1. Jeffrey Chase Jeffrey Chase April 3, 2020

    Why? During these times we need to help each other not take, I hope there isn’t children going to bed hungry in auburn tonight

  2. Robert B Robert B April 3, 2020

    My wife saw these pictures and called the Auburn PD. Said she was absolutely certain she recognizes the woman as a person she has seen on the streets from time to time in NE Auburn where some local homeless park their RV’s and car-homes. Area around 22nd NE and Auburn Way North…the alley behind the Advance Auto Parts, etc. If you are a long-term local in this area, you know what I mean. By coincidence, this is not far from the Auburn Food Bank.

    Geez, folks. If you need food from the Food Bank, just get an appointment and GO there. No need to steal it.

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