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Police K9 Video Wrongly Attributed to Auburn Police


A video circulating social media sites shows an officer apparently release his police dog on a man as he begins to lay on the ground. A nearby female is briefly restrained by two officers before a third shoves her to the ground. The video indicates at least six officers were involved in the incident.

Not Auburn Police

Though the exact location of the incident is unclear from the video, online posts state it happened in Auburn, Washington. The Auburn Examiner used independent sources and social media to verify the video did not originate in Auburn.


The below video contains images that may be upsetting to some viewers: 


Auburn Police Chief Dan O’Neil provided additional confirmation the video is not of an incident involving Auburn Police officers.


According to the ‘JusticeforMany’ page owner, a Facebook post claiming the video was from Auburn, Washington is what led to their tagging the city.

“Videos such as this have serious repercussions, not only for the policing agency involved but on a community as a whole,” Chief O’Neil said. “My sincere hope is that this was an incident of miscommunication and not a deliberate attempt to undermine our officers, though it is damaging and hurtful none the less.”

An instagram post reporting a video of a police incident that happened in Auburn WA
A comment on the ‘JusticeforMany’ video post | Instagram screengrab

Not Auburn, But Reno?

The ‘JusticeforMany’ Instagram page updated their post sharing the video Monday, stating the incident occurred in Reno, Nevada.


A note at the bottom of the updated post states, “sorry everyone for the misunderstanding everyone! Recently found out it was his sister. His other sister recently contacted us telling us about what happened to him. He actually lives in Reno, Nevada! Im very very sorry for big mistake!! This cant be fixed but, sorry to everyone.” (sic)

Bob Conrad with This Is Reno obtained the following statement from Reno Police Chief Jason Soto, “this does not appear to be our jurisdiction, our officers, or even our city. I have run the video to our Lieutenant in K-9 and we did not have any incident/event occur. I have forwarded this to our Internal Affairs Office as a formality.”

The Video’s Origin

Initial information accompanying the video stated the individuals were mother and son. Most posts identify the male as Polynesian or Pacific Islander. One post claimed the male in the video died. Another post called for a rally to be held in Auburn.

A facebook post sharing a video and incorrectly video stating it is a police incident that happened in Auburn WA
Facebook screengrab

Most social media posts direct back to the aforementioned Instagram post on the ‘JusticeforMany’ page. This video, posted three days ago, is an edited version of a TikTok video.

The video posted on TikTok is an edited version of the original video. The video’s upload date is unknown as that video has been removed. Another TikTok user reacted to the video with the platform’s ‘duet’ feature on April 10.

The Auburn Examiner has not yet located the original video.


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