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Man Racks Up Over $1,000 in Fraudulent Charges at Auburn Hotel

A man allegedly used a fraudulent credit card to rack up over $1,000 at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites in downtown Auburn on two separate occasions.

Auburn Police were dispatched at 11:52 a.m. to the hotel on 507 C St SW, where Holiday Inn employee Pearl Serrano told 911 that rooms No. 311 and No. 226 had been reserved using a fraudulent credit card. When officers the man was no longer at the location.

A Holiday Inn & Suites hotel lit up at night
Auburn Holiday Inn & Suites | courtesy Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce

Hotel Employee Tawnya Wulfekuhle told police that two separate fraud incidents had occurred and by the same people. A man using the name of Andrew Arthur Avery previously reserved a room on January 26. The same individual reserved another room on May 2.

Holiday Inn typically charges the guests after the hotel night has commenced, and only keeps the users’ credit card on file for incidentals.

The January 26 sale of the room did process, several people stayed in that hotel room over the course of several days. It was an eventual charge-back, putting the monetary loss for the Holiday Inn at $1,021.59.

The May 2 sale of the rooms again had several people staying in the hotel rooms, but the card was declined.

Wulfekuhle told Auburn Police that the subjects used the identification of Andrew Arthur Avery and none of them were him. After the May 2 card did not process, Wulfekuhle called the company that “Avery” was affiliated with, and learned that there was no employee there with that name.

Wulfekuhle then called the credit card company, Bank of America, who said that the charges were being disputed by the owner of the card.

Wulfekuhle told Auburn Police that she wanted a report generated so that the Holiday Inn had the ability to get lost revenue back from their insurance policy.

The above information was obtained from an Auburn Police Department report. The Auburn Examiner has not independently verified its content. 

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