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VRFA Blotter: Firefighters Dash Hopes of Spiderman Becoming a Reality


The Valley Regional Fire Authority responded to 319 calls for service for the week of January 10-16, 2022. Year to Date our Valley Professional Firefighters have responded to a total of 754 calls. This is a 27.8% increase from 2021 (590).

In 2021 VRFA responded to a total of 14,315 calls for service. This is an increase of 16.33% over 2020’s 12,305 calls.


Call Breakdown:

277 (87%) were aid calls. Total aid calls in 2022 so far are 654 up 30.3%, compared to 2021’s (502).

35 (11%) were fire calls. The number of fire calls is up by 14.3%, with 2022 having 88 calls and 2021 having 77.

7 (2%) were calls categorized as other. The number of other calls is up (9.1%), with 2022 currently at 12 call compared to 2021’s 11. Other calls include water rescues, hazmat calls, and ladder requests.

VRFA Calls for Service

• Aid Call: (Auburn) On Monday, January 10 at 2:56 p.m., firefighters responded to a male complaining of a spider bite on the neck. The patient was treated at the scene and then left in the care of his family.
(Way to go guys, that may have been our only hope to survive Season 3 of The Pandemic.)

• Motor Vehicle Accident: (Pacific) On Tuesday, January 11 at 6:31 p.m., firefighters responded to reports of a rollover vehicle accident off North bound SR167. Firefighters found one vehicle rolled off the roadway on its roof in 10 inches of water and two additional vehicles involved on the roadway with minor mechanism. Firefighters evaluated the patients and no one required transport to the hospital.


• Service Call: (Auburn) On Wednesday, January 13 at 4:33 a.m., firefighters responded to a service call at a home with a broken pipe in the bathroom causing the house to flood. Crews assisted the homeowner in shutting off the water and mitigating some of the damage.

• Aid Call: (Auburn) On Thursday, January 13 at 3:44 p.m., firefighters responded to an accidental shooting. Firefighters and paramedics treated the patient on scene. She was transported to Harborview Medical Center by paramedics.

• Aid Call: (Auburn) On Friday, January 14 at 1:05 p.m., firefighters responded to an elderly couple suffering from extreme weakness and lethargy related to Covid. Both patients were treated by firefighters and transported to MultiCare Auburn Medical Center by private ambulance.


• Aid Call: (Auburn) On Saturday, January 15 at 6:32 p.m., firefighters responded to a 40 year old male who had a seizure from high blood sugar. Patient was stabilized and then evaluated by paramedics. Patient was eventually transported by private ambulance to Valley Medical Center.

• Motor Vehicle Accident: (Auburn) On Sunday, January 16 at 2:49 p.m., firefighters responded to a motor vehicle accident at 8th St SW and C St SW. They arrived to find three vehicles involved with moderate damage. Four patients were assessed and one was transported to MultiCare Auburn Medical Center by private ambulance for further treatment.

Fire Investigations

  • There were no new calls for service for the Fire Investigation Unit.


  • 11 responses
  • 13 referrals
  • 4 new enrollment
  • 5 enrollments closed
  • 43 total patients enrolled

The Community Assistance, Referrals, and Education Services (CARES) is a joint program between VRFA,  King County Emergency Medical Services division South King Fire & Rescue, Enumclaw, and Mountainview Fire and Rescue departments. Each CARES response vehicle is staffed 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. by one firefighter from each department and a social worker. The CARES unit is sent on less emergent calls in non-transport capable vehicles to provide basic patient evaluation, assistance, specific basic life support treatment on scene, and arrange for transport if medically necessary. CARES also referred patients to community services where needed.

The above information was provided by the Valley Regional Fire Authority. Except the headline, that was all me.


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