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Two Auburn High School Students Arrested

Auburn police responded to reports of an assault at Auburn High School shortly after 8:00am Friday morning. “This started as a verbal dispute yesterday. It carried over today with a physical assault of an Auburn High School administrator,” explained Auburn Police Commander Mike Hirman.

A fellow student was also assaulted when attempting to prevent the assault.

Responding officers requested additional back-up.  “In total, 15 officers responded to the high school,” said Hirman.

Two students, male and female siblings, were arrested.  The male student was arrested for assaulting the school administrator.  In addition to assaulting the school administrator, the male student struck an officer in the face.

The female student was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. “Both were taken to King County Juvenile Detention,” said Hirman.

Valley Regional Fire Authority was dispatched for the administrator.  She was taken to Multicare Auburn Medical Center, where she is being treated for her injuries.

“The Auburn School District will also be taking administrative action,” stated Hirman.

Auburn High School Student Expectations

The Auburn High School Student Handbook addresses assault under ‘Behavior Expectations.’

“Using unwarranted force or contact. Demonstrating a deliberate and immediate intent to be physically violent towards another person (staff or students), including domestic violence and sexual assault. Intent is defined as taking deliberate actions towards physically harming another person resulting in the person having an immediate expectation that his/her personal safety is now in jeopardy.

Assault does not include accidental contact unless it is flagrant, purposeful, repeated and/or results in injury.
Domestic violence as assault includes physically harming, threatening, physically restraining, or stalking a
romantic/dating partner or family member.”

The Auburn High School Student Hand Book refers to possible discipline and interventions for behavioral misconduct.

“It is the intent of the school to encourage students to correct inappropriate/unacceptable behavior, attendance, or attitude problems whenever reasonably possible. Students who violate a rule the first time face disciplinary action commensurate to the violation for a first occurrence. Repeated violations or extreme situations may result in more severe disciplinary action or suspension. At each intervention step, the intent is to assist the student in identifying the problem, to understand what new behavior is necessary, and to encourage the student to accept responsibility for his/her actions.

In our effort to partner with parents and guardians, AHS staff will notify parents/guardians by phone or email when disciplinary actions have been assigned to their students.”

The school handbook lists assault’s potential discipline steps:

  • Admin Referral
  • Parent Contact
  • Possible exclusionary discipline (STS/LTS)
  • Possible criminal investigation

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