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Road Rage Incident Leads to Threats and Assault

From the Pacific, WA Police Department: Road Rage on Stewart Road at HWY 167 Escalates to Threats and Assault

A road rage incident over someone driving too slowly in the snow escalated on Sunday morning when one of the men involved followed the other to a business in the south end of town and confronted him about his behavior and driving. The two men had words, then ended up chest-bumping. The second gentleman alleged that he felt threatened by the first and picked up a snow shovel. The first gentleman felt threatened by the man brandishing the shovel and pulled a loaded pistol from his pocket. This led to the second gentleman hitting the first several times with the shovel, knocking the gun from his hand and leaving him with a laceration on his head. The second gentleman retrieved the handgun, placed it out of the way, and called 911 to report the incident.

Our day shift officer and an Algona PD officer went to the scene and detained both men while they investigated. It appeared the first gentleman was not legally carrying the concealed firearm but needed medical treatment and was not taken into custody at this time. We recovered both weapons and video of the incident and are referring it to the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office for their review and potential criminal charges for both parties.

Source: Pacific PD
source: Pacific PD

The above is aggregated content from the Pacific, WA Police Department and has not been independently verified by the Auburn Examiner.

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