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Residents Thank Fellow Community Members


Sometimes an act of kindness or a deed requires recognition beyond a simple thank you.  Public shout outs commending a person’s actions have become more common with social media.  The Auburn Examiner wants to highlight both the positive impact community members have within our city, and those who are extending their gratitude.


We are officially launching our #AuburnProud section.  This will be a space to publicly shout out those who have made a positive impact in our community.  From small acts to large, anyone can send in a shout out ([email protected]).  You don’t have to know who the person you’re shouting out is.  Like a missed connection, share the act and where it took place.


Bad things happen every day, but so do good things. Let’s choose to celebrate the good as much as we can!

Our First #AuburnProud Shout Outs

#auburnproud, auburn wa, city of auburn
Originally posted in the Auburn Washington Community Facebook Group
#auburnproud, auburn wa, city of auburn, shout out, green river college, lea hill
Leesa Ostrander stopped and spoke to Tayho. She shared her interaction with her neighbor Laura and asked that she share the exchange on the Lea Hill Facebook group.
auburn wa, city of auburn, shout out, #auburnproud, sunbreak cafe
Linda originally shared this shout out in the Auburn Washington Community Facebook Group


These shout outs have been shared with the original poster’s permission


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