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#AuburnProud is the place to shout out members of the Auburn community for positively impacting our community.  Anything from helping someone across the street, organizing a meal train, to picking up trash in public spaces.  So many members of our community give back without being asked, and without being thanked.

So, if you have ever wanted to shout someone out for doing something great for the community.  Or know a friend, neighbor or member of the community that constantly gives back without recognition.  Or have you ever seen someone do something that was worthy of recognition but you didn’t have a chance, or maybe were too shy, to commend them for their actions – here’s your chance to do it!

Email us your shout out to [email protected].  We’ll share your shout out, and let everyone know just one more person that makes us #AuburnProud.  And don’t worry, you can stay anonymous if you’d like!