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Reelect James Jeyaraj for Auburn City Council: ‘The role of a Deputy Mayor and a Councilmember is often a subject of inquiry’



The Deputy Mayor, as the head of the seven-member Council, doesn’t hold day-to-day administrative authority but serves as a vital liaison between the Mayor and Council.


When the Mayor is absent during Council meetings, the Deputy Mayor presides. They also oversee the Study Session. In rare cases, if the Mayor is incapacitated for over two weeks, the Deputy Mayor temporarily assumes the role of Acting Mayor until the Mayor’s return.

The role of a Deputy Mayor and a Councilmember is often a subject of inquiry as I engage with the Auburn community. To clarify, let’s delve into their respective functions:

Councilmember Role: Councilmembers play multifaceted roles in the governance of Auburn. They actively participate in the creation and adoption of city ordinances, resolutions, and policies. This involvement includes proposing and voting on legislation that directly impacts the city’s residents, businesses, and overall governance.

Moreover, Councilmembers serve as the voice of their constituents, representing their interests and concerns. They act as a vital link between the community and local government, advocating for the needs and priorities of the city as a whole.


Councilmembers also play a pivotal part in the city’s budgetary process. They review, amend, and ultimately approve the annual budget, ensuring that it aligns with the community’s evolving needs and priorities while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

Ultimately, Councilmembers bear the responsibility of making critical decisions that profoundly affect the lives and well-being of the city’s residents. They must adeptly balance competing interests and make choices that advance the best interests of the entire community.

As James Jeyaraj, I humbly seek your support for re-election to Auburn City Council Position 3 on November 7, 2023.


Together, let’s continue the journey toward a brighter and more prosperous future for Auburn.

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