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Cherry Blossoms in Bloom: Discovering Hanami in Seattle Southside



With the arrival of spring comes a flurry of cherry blossoms erupting across the landscape. While nobody can say for certain when exactly the blooms will first make their appearance, there’s no mistaking it once they finally blossom.


Did you know there’s a whole national tradition surrounding the arrival of these beauties? Hanami, or cherry blossom viewing, is a Japanese custom that celebrates the arrival of spring. With a rich history and cultural significance that dates back over a thousand years, Hanami celebrates the transient beauty of cherry blossoms – known in Japanese as sakura.

In Seattle Southside, we’re lucky to be graced with so many options for cherry blossom viewing that the custom feels right at home here.

When is Cherry Blossom Season in Seattle?

Cherry blossoms are notoriously fickle and different varieties bloom at different points. But you can start to see blooms as early as the beginning of March, if the weather is warm enough. Peak blossom-viewing time usually takes place between mid-March and early April. 

Every year is a little bit different, though. In 2023, the cherry blossoms came a bit late, with the peak not starting until the first week of April. As we get closer to the expected bloom time, University of Washington arborists will provide predictions on when the peak bloom will happen this season…


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