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Meet Miss Auburn Outstanding Teen Contestant Carrie Everett

Name: Helen (Carrie) Everett
School: Auburn Mountainveiw High school
Grade: 10th grade (Sophomore)

How long have you been in the Miss Auburn, Miss Auburn’s Outstanding Teen Program?

This is my first year competing in the Miss Auburn Outstanding Teen Program.

Why did you choose to compete?
I chose to compete in this program for reasons such as, needing motivation in my personal life, wanting to make a change in my community and my little sister Eden, needed a big sister.

What are you most excited about in the competition?
I am most excited about talent, based on the song I chose, I hope to touch hearts with Blackbird by Nina Simone.

What are you most nervous about in the competition?
For the competition, I am most nervous for the interview, because I sometimes speak too fast and stumble over my words. I just want to be me full authentic self and I hope that shines through in my interview.

What is your talent, and why did you choose it?
My talent is singing and I chose this because I have been singing for a long time and I feel singing has maturity and spirituality. I was originally going to play the cello but I’ve never played individually in front of a crowd, so I’m not sure I’m confident in my abilities yet.

What is your platform?
My platform is Equity builds community, in this instance, it is racial equity.

Why is your platform important to you?
My platform is important to me because living in Auburn and going to my high school, I have noticed racial division and a gap between the way students of color are treated versus white students. I want to change this not only in Auburn schools but anywhere I can. Being a black student myself, I have witnessed this first hand. So I want to be the voice for all students to express their frustrations with their environment and bring everyone closer together.

What does representing Auburn as Miss Auburn’s Outstanding Teen mean to you?
Representing Miss Auburn Outstanding Teen to me would mean representing teens in Auburn whether they look like me, struggle with school like me, dress like me or even go to a school like mine and that would mean I’ve done my part and I have contributed.

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