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Meet Miss Auburn Contestant Kimberly Santos

Name: Kimberly Santos
School: Auburn High School
Grade: 12 grade (Senior)
Major: Education

How long have you been in the Miss Auburn, Miss Auburn’s Outstanding Teen Program?
This is my first year being part of the Miss Auburn program. It was a program I have always heard about but never had the guts to participate in. I am very glad that I choose to do it this year. I love how everyone is so welcoming and are ready to help you succeed in this program and in life. To me, that’s what makes this program great. I didn’t know that I would be learning so much. I am glad to be learning a lot of different life skills. It has been a lot of fun and I have no regrets in joining. I can’t wait to continue to be in this program.

Why did you choose to compete?
I choose to compete because I wanted to try something new. Something that I usually wouldn’t do normally. It’s not the type of competition that I’m used to but I will try my best and see how it goes. I’m really looking forward to it.

What are you most excited about in the competition?
The most exciting thing to me was all the connections that are made. I like how all the girls are so supportive to one another even if it is a competition. We bring each other up and not the other way around. All the girls become so close as if we are all one big family. I feel lucky to part of this amazing group of girls.

What is your talent, and why did you choose it?
My talent is a Folklorico dance. I choose this as my talent because it represents my culture. It’s not something that a lot of people get to see. I have been very fond of this type of dance for a very long time. I always found it beautiful. I love learning new things about my culture and getting the chance to do those types of traditions. It makes me know more about where my family has come from and how fortunate I am.

What is your platform?  
My platform is leukemia in children.

Why is your platform important to you?
My platform is important to me because I have a 12-year-old cousin who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. I was alongside him when he was getting tested to see what he had. I was with him when he had to stay at the hospital for a month. I visited him as much as possible. I have seen what this sickness has been doing to him. I did not only see him but I saw other children with the same sickness as him. Children younger than him or even older than him. It broke my heart to see this. These children have to be constantly at the hospital for treatment and check-ups. I want to be able to bring them some joy through their hard times. To let them know that they are strong and that everything will get better.

What does representing Auburn as Miss Auburn mean to you?
I have lived in Auburn practically my whole life. Until now I have helped out in my community as much as I possibly can. If I was given the special honor of being Miss Auburn I would be more involved in my community in a different way. I would be given a new door of opportunities to help and learn more about the community I was raised in. Not to only have a title but to truly make a difference.

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