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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Let me be clear, religion has NO place in government’


[EDITOR’S NOTEThe following is a Letter to the Editor, written and submitted by a verified resident. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions of South King Media, nor its staff.]

Pastor (Clinton) Taylor’s recent sermon regarding LGBTQ individuals should raise cause for alarm. As someone who was raised in a conservative Christian household and forcibly put through conversion therapy I am no stranger to this sort of hate-filled rhetoric. His misinterpretation and selective application of scripture causes LGBTQ young adults to end their lives; he has their blood on his hands.


Pastor Taylor claims he is just reading from the Bible, it’s not what he says. The Bible he quoted also says do not eat shellfish or wear clothing with fabrics that are mixed. Does Pastor Taylor read these passages of scripture and encourage his congregation to obey? From that same book does he read the part commanding parents to stone disrespectful children to death?

Pastor Taylor ignores the inconvenient and often violent commands of the Bible to take a singular mistranslated text out of context. He then uses this text to enforce his own bigotry and bias.

Pastor Taylor claims he wants to agree to disagree. Agreeing to disagree is reserved for pineapple and pizza, not dehumanizing a marginalized group of people.

Let me be clear, religion has NO place in government and Pastor Clinton Taylor does not deserve one on the Auburn City Council.


– Mia Winandy

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