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Letter to the Editor: Covid has Killed All the People in Wyoming


letter to the editor, auburn wa letter to the editor, auburn examiner letter to the editor, letters to the editor,Covid-19 has killed more Americans (628K +)* than the total population of Wyoming (579K). Imagine that some terrorist organization had threatened to kill all of Wyoming’s residents with a toxic agent that causes both physical and psychological pain before it kills you, days later. Then imagine that the bastards actually did release this agent, killing everyone in the State of Wyoming. I expect you’d be pretty pissed! And you’d be even more pissed when you learned that many of your fellow Americans — maybe even your neighbor – went out of their way to help the terrorists kill every Wyomingite.

What if you and your neighbor could have thwarted the terrorists by doing something as simple as getting a couple shots? You’ve gotten shots before (polio, diphtheria, tetanus, measles) and you’re still alive, in part b/c of those shots. How are Covid-19 shots any different from these other life saving shots? If you or your neighbor haven’t gotten the shot, you need to ASAP. Don’t let the terrorist win.


And Covid-19 definitely is a terrorist. In just one day it can kill more Americans than we lost on 9/11 or at Pearl Harbor. This really is war. We need to finish it and win it. We can if we want to. We could go back to normal life. Or we could spend the next decade watching people needlessly die of Covid-related diseases. If you want your Freedom back, get vaccinated! Then, no more masks, no more restrictions, and far, far fewer deaths.

Steven D Pinkerton, PhD
Auburn, Washington

Submitted 8/22/2021

*Auburn Examiner: The COVID-19 numbers for Auburn, March 2020-August 27, 2021, are 8,011 confirmed cases, 577 hospitalizations, 125 deaths.

This Letter to the Editor has been published in its original form. The Auburn Examiner encourages our readers to personally verify any information they find may questionable. The publication of this Letter to the Editor does not indicate an endorsement of its contents.


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  1. Diane Monges Diane Monges September 6, 2021

    God is upset with whole wide world people need to get it together ❤ or we would all die.The end of the world is near .

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