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Best Tech Gifts for Teenagers


Are you looking for a cool present for the tech-loving teen in your family? Maybe you are a tech-obsessed teen and you’re looking for the best gadget to add to your ‘want’ list? If so, we’re about to run through some of the best tech gifts for teenagers.


The PS5 sold out in record time over Christmas and many stores are just getting the opportunity to do a re-stock. What’s so special about the PS5? It’s the world’s fastest console with a whole new architecture, excellent resolution support, and faster storage thanks to the SSD. It comes with a hefty price tag of $500+ so it’s by no means an impulse buy. If you’re tight on funds but you’d like to invest in a new PS5, why not look into the option of taking out a personal loan with a low monthly payment or APR? You’ll be able to make the purchase now whilst the shelves are stocked, as the likelihood of the supply running out again is very high.


Smart Garden

Is your tech-loving teen interested in nature? Why not introduce him/her to the world of herb growing with a smart garden? Perfect for growing herbs such as thyme, basil and parsley and vegetables such as cherry tomatoes and peppers, a smart garden is controlled by a computer. The units are usually small and your teen will be alerted when nutrients need to be added to the soil. Most units also manage lighting and they must be kept indoors. Smart gardens are ideal for teens that want to learn more about growing their own herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Smart Watch

Do you have a teen that loves to run or do any form of exercise? A smart watch is ideal as it’s a great fitness tracker and it will keep him/her connected while on the move. Smart watches have many other stand-out features including having the ability to reply to messages and receive calls instantly. Users can also use it to find a missing key or phone and many love that the watch can vibrate to tell if the user should turn right or left when following directions. Samsung and Apple are the frontrunners in this space so take some time to check out the different models that are available.

Gaming Chair

Are you tired of seeing your teen slumped over on a chair playing Fortnite? A gaming chair may be the perfect gift. Not only will it provide much needed back support and improve his/her posture, but it will also give your teen a place to call their own. Prices vary largely in this area with some models starting out at $80 and others costing as much as $300+. Look into the most reputable brands and check out the features of each chair. Is there proper lumbar support and arm rests? Is there an adjustable headrest? Can you set the chair height and the tilt of the chair? Does it have built-in speakers or vibrating motors? Is there a back massager feature? These are all questions to ask yourself when choosing which chair is best.

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