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Auburn High School basketball teams dominate district playoffs, eyeing state title


By Matthew Shields
Sports Correspondent

Auburn High School’s men’s basketball team is on fire this season, showcasing an impressive record of 24 wins and just one loss.


As they swiftly moved through the district playoffs, the team demonstrated a commanding performance in the district semi-final victory against Todd Beamer H.S., followed by a defeat of North Thurston H.S. in the North Puget Sound district championship. Now, the men’s team is scheduled to play North Central H.S. at home, for the first round of the 2024 WIAA 3A State Playoffs, with tip off beginning this Friday, Feb. 23, 2024 at 6 p.m.

The team’s journey to reclaiming the 3A state trophy, which they last secured in 2022, has been nothing short of entertaining. After falling short in the semi-finals last year against Garfield H.S., the Trojans are determined to write a different story this time around.

Just the same, the Auburn Women’s Basketball team has dominated on the court this season. With a current record of 16 wins and only one loss, they are ranked first in Districts and 35th in the state. They are currently scheduled to play Arlington H.S. tomorrow.

For Auburn, the men and women’s basketball team’s success means everything to them. The entire community is rallying behind the basketball teams, filling the stands with popcorn spilling enthusiasm and, at times, nail-biting support. From students to alumni to Auburn natives, everyone is united in their hope for another state title.

At Mount Tahoma high school, Auburn’s semi-final victory over Beamer was filled with fans.

“This is what it’s all about!” said one Auburn fan, despite not being a parent of a player on the team or Auburn high school alumni.

When asked if they will attend the state playoffs, another fan responded with a firm answer: “Heck yes.”

In their semi-final victory, they showed impressive control, drowning out the loud heckling from the opposing team’s bleachers throughout the game, while still helping opposing players up off the court after committing fouls. This focus and sportsmanship can be thanks to the team’s Head Coach, Ryan Hansen, who currently is in twenty-second season of coaching the Trojans.


The Trojans have shown incredible skill on the court, demonstrating a strong fast-paced style of play, where players are constantly moving the ball and spreading out. With star players like Senior Luvens Valcin and Junior Jaylen Petty leading the charge, the team is a force to be reckoned with.
With excitement building and anticipation mounting, one thing is clear: the Auburn Trojans are ready for anything.

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