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Waste Management Awarded Business of the Month by Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce


This content was originally published by the Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce.

The Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce has recognized Waste Management as “Business of the Month” for November 2019. The honor recognizes those businesses in the Auburn Area that employ local professionals, provide consistent and superior customer experience, and remain actively engaged in the Auburn Area community while delivering exceptional products and services.


Waste Management provides residential and commercial trash and recycling services in our region. Cities partner with Waste Management for curbside garbage, recycling and compost collection for both residential and business units.

As stated on the Waste Management website: “Waste Management uses state-of-the-art equipment, innovative technology, and economies of scale to ensure dependable, cost-effective services. Strongly committed to protecting our environmental and human resources, we are actively involved in the communities we serve.” (Click here to learn more.) They sure are!

For these reasons and more, the Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize Waste Management for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to serving the greater Auburn Area.



The Auburn Area Chamber staff wanted to know more about Waste Management and their involvement in our communities, so we sent them a handful of questions. Here is what we learned!

Auburn Area Chamber (AAC):  Tell us about your company and what chamber members might want to know about Waste Management.

Waste Management (WM):  Auburn is home for Waste Management. We’ve been part of the community for three decades – based right in Auburn. Over the years we’ve built close, lasting relationships with our customers, the business community and local leaders. We consider it a privilege to provide safe, cost-effective service to Auburn.


AAC:  How many employees would you estimate live and/or work in the Auburn Area, including Pacific and Algona?

WM:  WM is a strong local employer, providing more than 90 family-wage jobs right here at our Auburn facility. 

AAC:  Why is Waste Management a great place to work?

WM:  There are all the typical reasons that make WM a great place to work – competitive wages and generous benefits, avenues for advancement, and plenty of resources and support. Beyond that, there’s a sense of purpose that brings employees together and makes our work meaningful. Every job and every employee are important at WM, and we’re all working together – serving the community and protecting the environment. That’s a source of pride and purpose for employees and helps create an inclusive, team atmosphere.

AAC:  Besides a great job, what type of other benefits do you offer your employees?

WM:  Our family-wage jobs come with generous benefits including medical, dental, vision, disability, life insurance, wellness, legal services and retirement contributions. A key differentiator is the training and career pathways support that’s available to every WM employee. We continuously invest in our employees to help them learn and grow; it’s fundamental to our People First culture and key to our success in Auburn.

AAC:  What do you love most about serving the Auburn Area?

WM:  Home is where the heart is, and Auburn is home for WM! Our facility is located here; our employees live here. This is a vibrant and diverse economy committed to serving everyone. We are grateful for government leaders who are committed to community stability and safety. In fact, safety is a core value for WM, which is why we are always working to keep the Auburn community safe. WM drivers are trained to observe and report when they see something suspicious. The training is part of a community safety program sustained in partnership with local law enforcement.

auburn food bank, waste management, auburn wa, mayor backus, food drive
Route managers from Waste Management-Auburn show donations collected from an Auburn neighborhood for the Mayor’s food drive. Pictured left to right are Jason Shea, Dian Young and Marklus Henley. | Courtesy Photo, Waste Management

AAC:  Earlier this fall, Waste Management partnered with the City of Auburn to collect food donations along your routes as part of the Mayor’s Day of Concern for the Hungry. In total, over 6,500 pounds of food were collected. (Click here to read more.) How did that partnership come about and why is that type of community involvement important for Waste Management and your business goals?

WM:  We care about this community; we’ve been part of it for 30 years. The annual Mayor’s Day of Concern is a community-wide event that benefits those who are struggling. Our participation in the food drive is a natural, organic result of a strong working relationship with Mayor Backus, city staff and the Auburn Food Bank. By doing our part, collecting residents’ donations at the curb, we are investing in the health and safety of our community and strengthening our relationships.

AAC:  Veterans Day is coming up this month. Waste Management has been recognized as a “Top 50 Best for Vets Employer” by the Military Times, a “Top 100 Military Friendly Employer” by G.I. Jobs, and a “Most Valuable Employer – Military” by (Click here to read more.) Waste Management clearly supports our country’s returning military personnel. Why is this so important and how has this benefited Waste Management?

WM:  WM champions veterans because they bring the safety mindset, teamwork and leadership skills that WM needs to serve our communities. That’s why one out of every 14 WM employees is a veteran, reservist or spouse of a veteran. Veterans know the mission and how to get the job done. They’re valuable employees who strengthen WM and the Auburn community.

AAC:  In what areas will Waste Management grow and evolve over the next several years?

WM:  WM is committed to being the best partner we can be for the city. Our goal is to shine for the city in five important ways:

  1. Reliable and safe service at the lowest possible cost;
  2.  A healthy recycling program that turns used materials into new products;
  3. Trucks that run on RNG (renewable natural gas) for clean air in Auburn;
  4. Strong local employer; and
  5. Community partnership.

AAC:  How is being part of the Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce valuable to your business?

WM:  Because WM is based right here in Auburn, we have a vested interest in the health and stability of the entire community. A strong chamber is essential to Auburn’s economic vitality. That’s why WM is 110% committed to the stability, and success of the Auburn Chamber.

The above is aggregated content from the Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce.  The Auburn Examiner has not independently verified its content.

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