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VRFA Blotter: Illegal Trash Burning Third Offense by Homeowner


The Valley Regional Fire Authority responded to 298 calls for service for the week of October 25-31, 2021. Year to Date our Valley Professional Firefighters have responded to a total of 12,568 calls. This is a 14.9% increase from 2020 (10,939).

Call Breakdown:

223 (75%) were aid calls. Total aid calls in 2021 so far are 9,330 up 16.1%, compared to 2020’s (8,037).

8 (3%) were fire calls. The number of fire calls is up by 14.5%, with 2021 having 435 calls and 2020 having 380.


67 (22%) were calls categorized as other. The number of other calls is up (11.1%), with 2021 currently at 2,803 calls compared to 2020’s 2,522. Other calls include water rescues, hazmat calls, and ladder requests.

VRFA Vaccination Mandate Status:

As of October 21, 98% of VRFA’s uniformed staff are fully vaccinated. One employee advanced their retirement due to the mandate. Six employees are on extended leave under the Family Medical Leave Act.

“The VRFA current staffing plan will remain in effect with no anticipated disruption to our service levels,” said VRFA Public Information & Education Officer Kimberly Terhune. “This will be accomplished through careful evaluation of all activities outside of emergency response and through additional overtime as needed. The VRFA’s vision is to create the safest community to live, work, and visit, and we are committed to supporting this vision as we move through all of the challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

VRFA Calls for Service

  • Aid Call: (Lea Hill) On Monday, October 25 at 2:42 p.m., firefighters responded to a young male who was taken from his home and reportedly assaulted in a neighborhood nearby. The young male was assisted by a Good Samaritan until Auburn PD and VRFA units could arrive. The patient was found with minor injuries and was transported to a local hospital for further evaluation.
  • Aid Call: (Auburn) On Monday, October 25, at 9:15 a.m. VRFA firefighters, along with personnel from Mountain View Fire & Rescue and King County Medic One responded to a report of shots fired and one person down. On our arrival, VRFA firefighters found one male patient with multiple gunshots to his chest and arm. The patient had no pulse and CPR was started. Efforts to revive the patient were unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead at the scene. The scene was turned over to the King County Sheriff’s office for investigation.
  • Automatic Fire Alarm: (Auburn) On Tuesday, October 26 at 12:09 p.m., firefighters responded to an
    alarm inside a residential home. Firefighters arrived to find an elderly woman who was very concerned that her smoke detector was alarming and possibly malfunctioning. Firefighters were able to replace the smoke detector and check the other detectors in the home.
  • Auto Vehicle Accident: (Pacific) On Wednesday, October 27 at 11:00 p.m., firefighters with King County paramedics and local police responded to a vehicle struck by a fallen tree with power lines down. On arrival firefighters found one adult female patient trapped in the vehicle and conscious. The patient was extricated and treated on scene before she was transported by private ambulance to Valley Medical Center.
  • Illegal Burn Complaint: (Lea Hill) On Thursday, October 28 at 3:12 p.m., firefighters responded to an
    illegal burn complaint in the area of 13400 SE 288th Street. A 6’ X 6’ outdoor fire consisting of building materials, plastic and rubbish was found at the back of the property. This was the third Puget Sound Pollution ordinance offense for this homeowner in the past several months. VRFA Fire Marshal was requested to the scene for documentation and referral to the Puget Sound Pollution control board.
  • Aid Call: (Lea Hill) On Friday, October 29 at 6:08 p.m., firefighters responded to a young woman who had been in a motor vehicle accident the day before. Firefighters evaluated the patient for her on-going injuries and determined that she should receive further care in a hospital setting. The patient was taken to a local hospital.
  • Transfer Switch Fire: (Auburn) On Saturday, October 30, 2021 at 09:40 a.m., firefighters were
    dispatched to an above ground transfer switch on fire and smoking. E-332 arrived to find heavy smoke from the switch box. PSE was summoned and the scene secured. Once PSE arrived and ensured the power was off, the switch box was cooled using a booster line. PSE indicated that the power would remain out in the area for several hours and estimated the damage in excess of $30k.
  • Minor Fire: (Auburn) On Sunday, October 31, 2021 at 10:12 p.m., firefighters were dispatched to a
    minor fire near a commercial building at the 400 block of Auburn Way South. Firefighters arrived to find two transient individuals with a small, contained fire trying to stay warm. The fire was extinguished, with no damage to the structure.

Fire Investigations

  • On Thursday, October 28, an illegal burn was conducted in the 13800 block of SE 288th ST SE
    in the City of Kent. FIU referred to PSRFA for a Puget Sound Clean Air complaint.


  • 0 911 responses (CARES out of service last week due to staffing)
  • 5 referrals
  • 6 new enrollments
  • 16 enrollments closed
  • 54 total patients enrolled

The Community Assistance, Referrals, and Education Services (CARES) is a joint program between VRFA,  King County Emergency Medical Services division South King Fire & Rescue, Enumclaw, and Mountainview Fire and Rescue departments. Each CARES response vehicle is staffed 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. by one firefighter from each department and a social worker. The CARES unit is sent on less emergent calls in non-transport capable vehicles to provide basic patient evaluation, assistance, specific basic life support treatment on scene, and arrange for transport if medically necessary. CARES also referred patients to community services where needed.


The above information was provided by the Valley Regional Fire Authority.

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