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VRFA Blotter: Congratulations, a Firefighter is Delivering Your Baby


The Valley Regional Fire Authority responded to 313 calls for service for the week of January 17-23, 2022 (prev week 319). Year to Date our Valley Professional Firefighters have responded to a total of 1, 067 calls. This is a 28.6% increase from 2021 (830).

Recap: In 2021 VRFA responded to a total of 14,315 calls for service. This is an increase of 16.33% over 2020’s 12,305 calls.

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Calls for Service Breakdown:

269 (86%) were aid calls. Total aid calls in 2022 so far are 923 up 30.2%, compared to 2021’s (709).

35 (11%) were fire calls. The number of fire calls is up by 15.0%, with 2022 having 123 calls and 2021 having 107.

9 (3%) were calls categorized as other. The number of other calls is up (50%), with 2022 currently at 21 calls compared to 2021’s 14. Other calls include water rescues, hazmat calls, and ladder requests.

VRFA Calls for Service

Aid Call: (Auburn) On Monday, January 17 at 9:38 a.m., firefighters responded to an unresponsive
adult male having difficulty breathing. The patient was treated by firefighters and King County
Medics on scene. King County Medics and firefighters transported the patient to MultiCare Auburn
Medical Center.

Aid Call: (Auburn) On Tuesday, January 18 at 7:34 p.m., firefighters responded to an adult
female with injuries from a fall. The patient was treated at the scene. She was transported by
private ambulance to MultiCare Auburn Medical Center.


Aid Call: (Pacific) On Wednesday, January 19th at 4:36 p.m., firefighters responded to an adult
female complaining of abdominal pain. The patient was evaluated by firefighters and transported
to MultiCare Auburn Medical Center by private ambulance for continued care.

Aid Call: (Auburn) On Thursday, January 20 at 7:51 p.m., firefighters responded to an adult female
complaining of imminent birth. Firefighters assisted the patient with childbirth and delivery. The
patient and the child were transported by King County Medics to Valley Medical Center for

Car Fire: (Auburn) On Friday, January 21, at 2:44 a.m., firefighters were dispatched to Sierra
Meadows apartments for a car fire. Firefighters arrived to find a car fully involved and burning a
second car parked next to it. Firefighters quickly knocked down the flames but the fire continued
due to gasoline pouring from the vehicle, resulting in a flammable liquids fire. Firefighters applied
foam and a few dry chemical extinguishers to get the fire to go out. A VRFA fire investigator was
requested and the cause is still under investigation. Fire damage was limited to two vehicles.


CPR: (Algona) On Saturday, January 22 at 8:18 a.m., firefighters responded to an adult female
complaining of a syncopal episode. Firefighters were treating the patient when she suddenly
became unconscious. Firefighters, King County Medic One paramedics, and Tri-Med Ambulance
EMT’s performed CPR on scene. The patient was transported to MultiCare Auburn Medical
Center by paramedics with assistance from firefighters for continued care.

Commercial Vehicle Fire: (Lea Hill) On Friday, January 21st at 5:35 p.m., firefighters arrived to a
semi-truck on fire. The rear tires had caught fire and the flames were impinging (good word!-EM) on the cargo container. Firefighters were able to quickly extinguish the fire around the tire and tractor area
while cooling the cargo container. Firefighter’s eventually made entry in to the container and
found that some of the products inside had caught fire, as well. Firefighters were able to
extinguish the interior fire and turn the vehicle back over to the owner. Washington State Patrol
assisted firefighters with traffic control and arranging tow truck for the semi-truck.

CPR in Progress: (Auburn) On Sunday, January 23 at 4:00 p.m., firefighters responded to an
unconscious adult male sitting in a car in a grocery store parking lot. On arrival the man was not
breathing, but had a pulse. Auburn police arrived first and administered Narcan. The man’s friend
admitted that he overdosed on heroin. Firefighters used a bag valve mask to ventilate the man
until he was conscious and refused further help. The man was left in the care of his friend.

Fire Investigations

  • On Tuesday, January 18th, an undetermined fire was reported in the 200 block of A ST SW in
    the City of Auburn. The fire occurred on the front deck of an abandoned single-family residence.
    The fire extended into the overhead of the home but was quickly extinguished with minimal
    damage. Dollar loss is estimated at $20,000. The fire remains under investigation.
  • On Thursday, January 20th, an accidental fire occurred in the 800 block of 25th St SE in the City
    of Auburn. The fire occurred in an outdoor dog kennel and was the result of combustibles too
    close to heat lamps. Total dollar loss is estimated at $10,000.
  • On Friday, January 21st, an incendiary passenger vehicle fire occurred in the 2400 block of F St
    SE in the City of Auburn. The fire was confined to the vehicle of origin and one exposure vehicle,
    with no extension to nearby structures. The fire remains an open joint investigation with Auburn
    Police. Dollar loss is estimated at $9,000.


  • 10 responses
  • 15 referrals
  • 4 new enrollment
  • 3 enrollments closed
  • 42 total patients enrolled

The Community Assistance, Referrals, and Education Services (CARES) is a joint program between VRFA,  King County Emergency Medical Services division South King Fire & Rescue, Enumclaw, and Mountainview Fire and Rescue departments. Each CARES response vehicle is staffed 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. by one firefighter from each department and a social worker. The CARES unit is sent on less emergent calls in non-transport capable vehicles to provide basic patient evaluation, assistance, specific basic life support treatment on scene, and arrange for transport if medically necessary. CARES also referred patients to community services where needed.

The above information was provided by the Valley Regional Fire Authority. Except the headline, that was all me.

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