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Start Planning Now for a Great Mother’s Day in Auburn


We all have that special woman in our lives who changed us in ways we never thought were possible. It could be your mother, wife, aunt, older colleague, or another person who continually watches over you. She cautions you and gives you a shoulder to lean on when things get rough. When you have a bright idea, she is the one you trust to provide you with an opinion on whether it can work. She is your rock, and celebrating her tells her as much. This year, as you look into modern mother’s day gifts, think about other ways you can make this day special. This woman has done so much for you and will continue to do so. And honoring her is thus of the utmost importance. With this in mind, here are some activities you can enjoy in and around Auburn this year:

Have a Salon Date

The salon is a great place to catch up with a loved one. Take your mom to a salon that she has always loved, where she can get styled by a pro. From her hair to her nails, ensure that she gets what she wants. And when she leaves, she can feel like the queen she truly is.


Get Massages

Have you met anyone who would turn down a massage? The chances are high that the special woman in your life needs one, let alone wants one. It could be that your wife spends a lot of time worrying about you and the kids. Or your aunt spends all day gardening and barely has time to look away from her organic tomatoes. Either way, she needs some time to herself, and what better way to unwind than by getting a massage? You can choose to join her, allowing you to catch up with this amazing woman. Alternatively, you could get her a voucher for two and will enable her to decide who she wants with her. Make it a whole day experience that she will live to remember. Options include Erik’s Relaxation Station and Solei Day Spa, among others. You can check them out in advance to make sure that they are a good fit for the occasion.

Have Brunch

Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, which means that you probably will not be busy when it comes around- fingers crossed on that. Brunch is synonymous with Sundays as it goes with the lazy vibe that defines this day. This year call in advance and make a reservation at one of her favorite spots. You can involve her friends and other kids when doing this to make this event all the more memorable. There are tons of restaurants in Auburn that offer great brunch. From Vinifera to Sunbreak Cafe, you have several options, so deciding on one will be the hard part.

Take a Cooking Class

Many people think that cooking lessons apply to people who can hardly tell one ingredient from the other. However, that is not the case, as everyone could always learn something new. In this line, taking a cooking class would not hurt. Find one taking place on Mother’s Day and take your mom to one. Here, you can have fun trying out a new recipe as you find a new way to bond. As you eat what you have made, you can catch up and enjoy the moment. Project Feast is an excellent place to start on this note.

There are lots of fun events already on the calendar for Mother’s Day.  From Emerald Downs to Painting with a Twist, you’re sure to find a great way to celebrate this Mother’s Day.  Just don’t wait too long to plan your day!

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