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Need New Music? Check Out the AE Team’s Latest Playlists

Can you believe Summer is almost over? It is – which also means 2020 is eeking ever so closely to an end. That also means it’s time for another round of playlists from the Auburn Examiner! Below are the August playlists from the AE Team, with special guest Chris Stearns.

Each of us has different tastes, and our moods change from month to month, so there’s sure to be something for everyone in the mix.  Give the playlists a listen and let us know what you think!

Don’t forget to check out our other playlists, and follow us on Spotify – you may just catch a playlist before it’s released!

Warning: some songs may contain explicit lyrics.

Elizabeth’s August 2020 Playlist

Scott’s August 2020 Playlist

Scott’s been listening to a lot of 90’s alternative lately – can you tell?

Lindsay’s August 2020 Playlist

These are the songs I jam out to while on my way home from work during rush hour. Traffic is boring, so I blast the speakers and throw myself a little karaoke dance party.

Cameron’s August 2020 Playlist:

You knew One Direction was Cam’s favorite group, and now you know which member is his favorite.

Blaine’s August 2020 Playlist

Chris Stearns’ August 2020 Playlist

This is Chris’ “Best of 2020 (so far) list.” –  I had to leave some amazing songs off that I hope might make it back at the end of the year list. And leave one out because it is not on Spotify but is from one of the best albums of the year: “Taken Away” by Moodymann.

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