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I need you all to help me out and just pretend it’s still July, ok? Because I thought I posted our playlists last week when I absolutely did not. And I can’t very well let good playlists go to waste, now can I? So everyone close your eyes, count backward, and go into the thick of it with me into an adventure to the AE Team’s July Playlists!

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Warning: some songs may contain explicit lyrics.

Elizabeth’s July 2021 Playlist:

This is a duplication of a playlist I made in 2017. I was dealing with an extremely difficult situation and this playlist was one of the ways I helped remind myself I could make it to the otherside or that “You Can Fucking Do This Bitch,” the name of the original playlist.


Scott’s July 2021 Playlist:

Cameron’s July 2021 Playlist:


Lindsay’s July 2021 Playlist:

Solen’s July 2021 Playlist: 

John’s July 2021 Playlist

Chris’ July 2021 Playlist

Chris’ playlist is all about Space! “Space Songs” marks our entrance into the age of the private exploration of space, with the launches of Virgin Galactic’s USS Unity and Blue Origin’s New Shepard in July.


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