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January Jams from the AE Team


New year, new music – or something like that, right? The AE Team is back with another round of playlists for you to enjoy. Between our generational spread and eclectic tastes, there is certain to be something for you to enjoy!

Don’t forget to check out our other playlists, and follow us on Spotify – you may just catch a playlist before it’s released! (…or one that Elizabeth randomly creates and forgets to make secret)


Warning: some songs may contain explicit lyrics.

Elizabeth’s January 2022 Playlist:

If you couldn’t tell from the songs, yes, yes this is a break up playlist and I’m not even sorry.


Scott’s January 2022 Playlist:

John’s January 2022 Playlist:


Solen’s January 2022 Playlist:

Karen’s January 2022 Playlist:


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