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Music Helps Make it Better

For many music is a refuge.  It can soothe the soul when nothing else seems to work.  During these unprecedented times, when the world is in chaos, music can be the touchstone of familiarity we need.  New music can also help us explore when we’re stuck, staying home to help flatten the curve.

Here are a few ways to help you find some music, new or a familiar old friend, during these uncertain times.

Dear Maestro
The Auburn Symphony Orchestra has shared a way for you to receive a personal music recommendation!
“Answer a few simple questions and let Music Director Wesley Schulz choose something just for you. We’ll send you links to online recordings of your personalized recommendations. Until we can play for you again, let us provide you music in the safety of your home. https://forms.gle/J3GkzmM2Ry3qYjDc7

The Auburn Symphony’s annual fundraising gala had to be postponed due to the Stay Home order.  If you have the ability and are able, please consider supporting the Auburn Symphony Orchestra at auburnsymphony.org

The AE Team Playlists

We’ve put together our Stay Home playlists for you to check out.

*Songs may contain explicit lyrics

Elizabeth’s 2020 Stay Home Playlist

If these songs are familiar, it’s because you’ve been spending too much time on TikTok, too.

Scott’s 2020 Stay Home Playlist

Waylon’s 2020 Stay Home Playlist

No, neither Scott nor Waylon knew they were putting 99 Red Balloons on their playlists.

Cameron’s 2020 Stay Home Playlist

Cameron wanted to share his favorite musical with everyone.


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