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Meet Miss Auburn Outstanding Teen Contestant Madison Zantello


Name: Madison Zantello
School: Bonney Lake High School
Grade: 10

How long have you been in the Miss Auburn, Miss Auburn’s Outstanding Teen Program?  
This is my first year participating in Miss Auburn’s Outstanding Teen program.


Why did you choose to compete?
I chose to compete in Miss Auburn Outstanding Teen because I knew that this program and the work along the way would help to increase my overall confidence, especially with public speaking.  I knew this would be a fulfilling experience because I would have the opportunity to better know my community and the world around me. Also, knowing that I’d get to share this opportunity with a really great group of young women and program mentors was very exciting!

What are you most excited about in the competition?
I am most excited about the talent portion of the competition!

What are you most nervous about in the competition?
I am most nervous about answering the interview questions!

What is your talent, and why did you choose it?
For my talent, I will be singing.  I chose this because I’ve been singing my entire life.  My mom is a singer and I grew up watching her sing for a big band and jazz quintet.  I would go to all of her rehearsals and shows starting from when I was only a few weeks old. Now, I am in the Jazz and Chamber choirs at my school and I also take voice lessons.  I also participate in my school’s Drama club and love musical theatre!   Music and singing is so engrained in me, I couldn’t imagine my life without it!


What is your platform?
My platform is Sound Therapy; Healing Through Song.

Why is your platform important to you?
This platform means so much to me because it provides a way to help brighten the lives of others simply by singing for them. I learned from my grandpa that every time his family would get together they sang.  It was a way to come together, put differences aside and strengthen the family.  Taking what I’ve learned from my grandpa, I know that for me, the best part of this platform is seeing the smiles, emotion and how carefree and happy people are while I am singing for them.  You never know what a person may be going through in their life, and often times we want to help but don’t know how.  I believe that music is healing and transcends us all to a place where we can find happiness and  peace even if only for a little while.  I especially love to sing for children and the elderly.  Seeing their faces light up as they listen, means the world to me.  Music has also provided a sense of healing even in my own life as I’ve recently been diagnosed with tachycardia, which hasn’t been easy to say the least.  I’ve found that taking the time to sing, listen to and study my music has provided a way for me to put my own worries aside. I’m proof that my platform really works!

What does representing Auburn as Miss Auburn/Miss Auburn’s Outstanding Teen mean to you?
Representing Miss Auburn’s Outstanding Teen means having the opportunity to feel empowered in finding and sharing my own voice, discovering more about what is important in our community and talking about it with others and ultimately acting as an inspiring role model not just for kids but for everyone.

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