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Meet Miss Auburn Outstanding Teen Contestant Farrell Sessler

Name: Farrell Sessler
School: HIS Ministry Co-op
Grade: 11th

How long have you been in the Miss Auburn, Miss Auburn’s Outstanding Teen Program?
This is my first year competing!

Why did you choose to compete?
For years I have watched my friend Emalee Nazarino compete in the Miss America’s Outstanding teen program. I have seen how she has changed and grown for the better, after seeing that I was overwhelmed with excitement, and I knew I wanted to be a part of such a fantastic program.

What are you most excited about in the competition?
All of the girls in this competition are the sweetest, and I can not wait to make new friendships! As well as the opportunity to learn so much more about pageants and other skills that will help me with future events in my life.

What are you most nervous about in the competition?
I am most anxious about walking on stage with heals and a big dress, let us hope I do not trip!

What is your talent, and why did you choose it?
I will be singing “Butterfly fly away” From the Hanna Montana Movie. I have always loved this song, because it is almost the same relationship I have with my dad, and I love that this song can somehow turn a feeling into words.

What is your platform?
Healthy kids = happy life! Working with kids and teaching them healthy eating and exercise habits that will stay with them all their life!

Why is your platform important to you?
My dad had stage 4 melanoma before I was born, instead of going through chemo, he learned about another treatment plan that had worked numerous times, and all he had to do was change his diet. Ever since he changed his eating, he has felt immensely better, and after so many years, this once strange diet has suddenly become a habit, and the same goes for me since I have grown up eating a mainly plant-based diet. This story is the reason behind my platform and why I want to share it.

What does representing Auburn as Miss Auburn’s Outstanding Teen mean to you?
It means being and doing my best not just for myself but for the people of Auburn who I would get the pleasure of serving. But it also means doing all I can to promote my platform, and being the best example of a titleholder that I can, and always being ready to serve, love, and smile!

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