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Incident with Distressed Individual on SR-167 Ends Peacefully

Just before 8:30 pm Tuesday traffic on NB SR-167 was halted north of SR-18 for an incident involving a Washington State Police and male in distress.

WSP Public Information Officer Rick Johnson explained that a WSP trooper observed a male yelling at a female on the side of the road and backed his vehicle up to them. “Once contacted, the male was yelling at the trooper to shoot him and was very agitated,” said Johnson. “The trooper talked to the subject, and [the male] turned around and started walking away.”

Additional WSP troopers and Auburn police officers arrived shortly after the trooper engaged with the male. Several civilians stopped in an attempt to assist the trooper before the arrival of additional officers.

The male walked northbound on SR-167 to the 15th St NW exit, where he was peacefully taken into custody.  Johnson confirmed the individual was taken to the hospital for involuntary evaluation.

“This was a domestic situation but only verbal. The girlfriend was spoken to, and she advised that there was nothing physical,” said Johnson.

Johnson stated troopers used the de-escalation technique of talking to the subject and letting him know that they were there to help him.  WSP troopers receive an eight-hour block of de-escalation training during their time in the academy, with an additional two-hours every two years.  “This is based on the Criminal Justice Training Center’s CIT training.  Beyond that, some troopers have attended the 40-hour course.  We also have what is called Regional Trimester training, which covers a lot of topics to include a CIT refresher typically once a year online and sometimes in person with one of our instructors,” said Johnson.

Auburn Police Commander Mike Hirman confirmed APD’s involvement in the incident.

Traffic on SR-167 was halted Tuesday night as Washington State Patrol and Auburn Police worked to detain an agitated man in distress.


  1. Ms.V. McCormick Ms.V. McCormick June 25, 2020

    Good call!

  2. Melissa Oinkowitz Melissa Oinkowitz June 25, 2020

    Congrats you did your job

  3. Robert B Robert B June 25, 2020

    Washington may have *some* problems in certain police departments, but I can assure you that the Washington State Patrol is one of most polite, patient, and professional police forces in the USA. I first started living in Washington in 1968, and I have seen this over the years. If all cops were like the WSP…we wouldn’t have the problems we’ve seen lately. I even had a WSP trooper risk his life on I-5 near the Southcenter Mall to help me when I ran out of gas. The shoulder there is VERY narrow, as some of you know. What a guy.

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