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APD Officer Awarded Life-Saving Medal


Auburn Police Chief Dan O’Neil awarded Officer Andrew Bryant the department’s Life-Saving Medal for Bryant’s actions during a June incident.

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Chief O’Neil awarding Officer Bryant the life-saving award | courtesy photo, APD

The department’s announcement of the award detailed the incident. “On June 24, 2020, Officer Bryant responded to a 911 call for a medical emergency involving a 34-year-old male. When Officer Bryant arrived, the male was not breathing and had a weak pulse.


Officer Bryant quickly responded by administering two rounds of Narcan and six to either rounds of CPR. His efforts resulted in a strong pulse prior to medics arriving. Medics transported the male to the hospital where he made a full recovery and was able to walk out of the hospital.”

O’Neil stated he “was not surprised to hear of Officer Bryant’s lifesaving actions. He is a professional and an example to others in the law enforcement profession.”

Life-saving medals are only awarded when officers take substantial steps in saving a life.  This is the first Life-Saving Medal to be awarded within the department in 2020. Twelves medals were awarded for five incidents in 2019 and seven medals for five incidents in 2018. Each medal is validated by the responding fire or medic agency.


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