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Auburn City Council Meeting Re-Cap: April 1, 2019

First off what is a city council meeting? A city council meeting is an open public meeting between the Mayor and City Council.  During this meeting proclamations, presentations, announcements and public comment occur.  The City Council vote and act on matters discussed during City Council Study Sessions, usually from the week before.  At the conclusion of the meeting City Council members and the Mayor provide brief reports of matters related to the city.

The City Council Meeting began promptly at 7pm.  Every City Council Meeting begins with the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance.  (click the word video to jump to the video of that portion of the meeting. Or watch the full video: Watch Auburn Livestream.)

Roll-Call: Present: Councilmember Baggett, Councilmember Brown, Councilmember DaCorsi, Councilmember Holman, Councilmember Peloza, Councilmember Trout-Manuel.
Excused: Councilmember Wales

Announcements, Proclamations, and Presentations

Hewin, Daron Hewin, Daron Hewin award the life saving metal, apd hewin, daron hewin auburn wa
APd Officer Daron Hewin of the Auburn Wa Police Department | Photo Credit Waylon Menzia for the Auburn Examiner

Life Saving  Award
To start off the meeting Mayor Nancy Backus along with Chief Bill Pierson of the Auburn PD presented the Life Saving Award to Officer Damon. Hewin (video) for his work on March 15th, when he helped save a 16-year-old who was in cardiac arrest due to a breathing condition.  Officer Hewin said he became an officer to help people and preserve life.

Arbor Day
Next, Mayor Nancy Backus proclaimed April 18th, 2019 as Arbor Day (video) in the city of Auburn. Arbor Day is a day which we plant trees and the trees provide cleaner air, paper, and wood for us.  Parks Department Director Daryl Faber accepted the proclamation.  He shared that April 18th is also the day the new picnic shelter at Issac Evans Park will be unveiled.  The shelter was destroyed by a cottonwood tree falling on it.

2019 Heritage Tree
Third, Mayor Backus proclaimed the Douglas Fir tree in Auburndale Park as our “2019 Heritage Tree” in the city of Auburn. (video)

Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Finally, Mayor Backus proclaimed April 2019 as Sexual Violence Awareness Month in Auburn. (Click here to read our series on Sexual Assault) (video)


The city council appointed Tanya Galat to the Urban Tree Board for a three-year term to end on December 31st, 2021. (video)

*Mayor Backus Confirmed – No Agenda Modifications*

Citizen Input, Public Hearings, and Correspondence

Citizen Input: This is the place on the agenda where the public is invited to speak to the City Council on any issue. Those wishing to speak are reminded to sign in on the form provided.  Those speaking are limited to 3 minutes.

Five citizens came up to speak and they talked about saving a forested area on West Hill called Tall Timbers, people also talked about other issues on West Hill such as saving trees, fire risks, and a need for parks. (video)

Council Ad Hoc Committee Reports

The Finance Committee reported claims vouchers totaling approximately 1.85 million dollars and payroll vouchers totaling approximately 2.5 million dollars (video)

Consent Agenda

The consent agenda included the minutes of the March 18th Regular City Council Meeting, the claims vouchers, payroll vouchers, and public works project number CP1804 to improve sidewalks on Auburn Way North. (video)

No Unfinished Business
No New Business


The City Council passed Ordinance No. 6712 which talks about amending the city’s 2019-2020 Biennial Budget. (video)
Motioned: Holman, Seconded Brown
No Questions or Comments
In Favor: Baggett, Brown, DaCorsi, Holman, Peloza, Trout-Manuel
Opposed: None

cat power, electric, gif
Or we could make cats create all of our power!

Next, the City Council passed Ordinance No. 6713 which talks about underground electricity and telecommunication connections. (video)
Motioned: DaCorsi, Seconded: Trout-Manuel
No Questions/Comments 
In Favor: Baggett, Brown, DaCorsi, Holman, Peloza, Trout-Manuel
Opposed: None


The City Council approved Resolution No. 5415 which talks about the City Council authorizing and supporting its grant funding application to the Port of Seattle for Economic Development Partnership Program funds. (Video)
Motioned: Peloza Seconded: Brown
No Questions or Comments
In Favor: Baggett, Brown, DaCorsi, Holman, Peloza, Trout-Manuel
Opposed: None

Mayor and Councilmember Reports

At this time the Mayor and City Council may report on significant items associated with their appointed positions on federal, state, regional and local organizations.

Deputy Mayor Peloza:  He spoke of attending the Regional Policy Committee.  The main topic was the upcoming King County Parks’ Levy. (video).

CM Holman: No Report

CM Brown: No Report

CM Trout-Manuel: No Report

CM DaCorsi:  His report addressed his meeting with the King County Regional Transit Authority.  They talked about several things, including a next-generation Orca Card, high capacity transit, and our emergency snow response.

CM Baggett: No Report

avhs, kitten, mayor backus, nancy backus, auburn wa, auburn valley humane society
Mayor Backus cuddles a kitten at the 2019 AVHS Annual Gala | Auburn Examiner Staff Photo

Mayor Backus:  In her report, Mayor Backus talked about her second south end Mayors’ lunch. Among the topics discussed were the recent weather events and where emergency management is in their cities.

She also talked about the recent State of the City.  Mayor Backus also shared about the 8th Congressional District Mayors’ meeting with Representative Dr. Kim Schrier.  In the meeting, it was discussed that Auburn is not getting funding for transportation. Mayor Backus also talked about the 47th Legislative District town hall, as well as the Auburn Humane Society Gala. The Mayor concluded with a reflection of the recent memorial for former fire chief, Bob Johnson.

Executive Session

The meeting went into a closed session for 30 minutes (video) and the City Council came back and approved Resolutions Number 5416 and 5419 which talked about APD Police Officer Guild and APD Police Sergeant’s Guild contracts for 2019-2021.
Resolutions Number 5416 APD Police Officer Guild 2019-2021 Contract
Motioned: Peloza, Holman
No Questions or Comments
In Favor: Baggett, Brown, DaCorsi, Holman, Peloza, Trout-Manuel
Opposed: None

Resolutions Number 5419 (APD Police Sergeant Guild 2019-2021 Contract)
Motioned: Peloza, Trout-Manuel
Questions or Comments: Noting that Mayor Backus thanked the City of Auburn administrative staff involved in the contract negotiations, CM Brown extended his thanks to those involved with the APD Police Officer’s Guild and APD Police Sergeant’s Guild for their part in the negotiations.  Mayor Backus agreed, acknowledged she was mistaken in not recognizing the Guild’s part in the contract negotiations.  She also extended her thanks, stating it was a team effort.
In Favor: Baggett, Brown, DaCorsi, Holman, Peloza, Trout-Manuel
Opposed: None


The meeting adjourned at 8:22 pm.

Note, prior to the regular City Council Meeting the City Council held a special council meeting to discuss budget modification options.  Click here to watch that video


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