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What is Your Opinion of the New Police Reform Laws?


The City of Auburn has launched a survey regarding the new police reform laws.

The survey solicits the opinion of Auburn community members. The survey asks the taker to identify how they are connected to the city, (resident, business interests, frequent visitor, etc). 


Questions included* in the survey are:

-Have you contacted the Auburn Police Department in the last three years.
-Do you believe our community is safer for everyone as a result of the legislative reform?
-How well do you feel you understand the impact of legislative reform?

Several of the questions give space to provide feedback in addition to the provided answers.

According to a recent weekly update from Mayor Nancy Backus, the city will “be sharing the feedback with our legislators to help them in their future decision-making as the new laws continue to evolve.”


The survey takes roughly five minutes and is anonymous unless you wish to provide your contact information. Individuals may only take the survey once.

Take the City of Auburn Police Reform Feedback survey now

*These are a sample of questions included and are not the complete list of questions from the survey.

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One Comment

  1. Tami Tami September 28, 2021

    I think their stupid but the cops need to use real force unless really needed.they should be able to protect themselves and use the dogs

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