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VRFA Send Firefighters to Assist California’s Latest Wildfires Fight


The Valley Regional Fire Authority dispatched trained wildland firefighters this morning to California. VRFA Public and Education Office Kimberly Terhune confirmed that “as of 7 a.m. today, a team of one captain from Station 34, one firefighter from station 34 and one firefighter from station 33 are on their way to California. They are driving our brush truck from Station 34.”

This is not the first time VRFA has dispatched to California.  Last year units assisted in the Woosley Fire in Southern California.  California is currently facing multiple wildfires, including in Los Angeles.


Washington had prepared for an intense wildfire season, with some 51 wildfires west of the Cascades before April 2019.  However, by the end of summer, it turned out to be one of the calmest wildfire seasons.  Terhune recalls VRFA being dispatched only one to a wildfire.

The current unit dispatched is en route to their assigned location.  VRFA will update should they receive photos or further information.

Updated 10/28/2019 12:38pm: Last updated to correct Terhune’s first name. Sorry, Kimberly!

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