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VRFA Blotter: An Apple a Day Doesn’t Always Keep the Doctor Away


The Valley Regional Fire Authority responded to 329 calls for service for the week of August 23-29, 2022 (314 last week). Year to Date our Valley Professional Firefighters have responded to a total of 10,253 calls for service. This is a 5.3% increase from 2021 (9,736).

Calls for Service Breakdown:

273 (83%) were aid calls. Total aid calls in 2022 so far are 8,379 up 4.5%, compared to 2021’s (8,009).


48 (15%) were fire calls. The number of fire calls is up by8.4%, with 2022 having 1,398 calls and 2021 having 1,290.

8 (2%) were calls categorized as other. The number of other calls in 2022 is up 19.4 % with 203 calls in 2021 only having 170. ‘Other’ calls include water rescues, water over roadways, downed lines, hazmat calls, and ladder requests.

VRFA Welcomes 14 New Members!

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Calls for Service

  • Aid Call: (Auburn) On Monday, August 22nd at 5:43 p.m., firefighters responded to an adult female who fell in a parking lot and injured her left shoulder. Firefighters treated the patient on the scene and provided comfort. She was transported to St. Francis Hospital by private ambulance.
  • Aid Call: (Lakeland Hills) On Tuesday, August 23rd at 10:12 a.m., firefighters responded to an adult female suffering from a decreased level of consciousness. Firefighters evaluated the patient and requested medics. King County Medics evaluated the patient; then the patient was transported to MultiCare Auburn Medical Center by private ambulance.
  • Aid Call: (Auburn) On Wednesday, August 24 at 8:48, firefighters responded to a male patient unconscious in the parking lot of a gas station. The patient showed signs of an overdose, and crews
    revived the patient with Narcan. The patient was transported to MultiCare Auburn by private ambulance.
  • Three Vehicle MVA: (Auburn) On Thursday, August 25 at 5:20 p.m., firefighters responded to a 3-vehicle accident at a busy intersection. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. The scene
    was turned over to Auburn police.
  • Aid Call: (Lea Hill) On Friday, August 26at 6:16 p.m., firefighters responded to an adult male who had fallen from a second-story roof. The patient was evaluated by firefighters and paramedics. A
    private ambulance transported the patient to Valley Medical Center.
  • Aid Call: (Lea Hill) On Saturday August 27 at 3:27 p.m., firefighters responded to a 16-year-old male who had cut his hand while slicing an apple. Firefighters bandaged the wound, and the patient was transported to a local hospital by family.
    (Who do we talk to about the false advertising of apples? Because the whole ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ very clearly is not true. Hope everything worked out and you heal quickly!)
  • Aid Call: (Auburn) On Sunday, August 28 at 2:20 p.m., firefighters responded to a female complaining of dizziness and shortness of breath. Firefighters evaluated the patient and a private
    ambulance transported her to St. Francis for further treatment.

VRFA Fire Investigations

No investigations this week. 


The above information was provided by VRFA. Any notations included in parentheses should be considered opinion/commentary for entertainment purposes only.

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