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Statewide Drill Tests Ability to Receive and Deliver Emergency Medicine and Supplies

Next week, state, tribal and local public health agencies will take part in a full-scale exercise testing their ability to receive and distribute over a million doses of simulated emergency medication and supplies from the federal Strategic National Stockpile.

Transportation Relay Exercise

On Monday, May 6, a truck will arrive in Tumwater delivering federal medical supplies to the Washington State Department of Health. Agency emergency response staff will receive, repackage and distribute medicines and supplies by ground and air to participating large health care systems, pharmacies, and sites serving all 35 local public health departments and districts.

The scenario used in this exercise is a simulated outbreak of plague. While there are other more likely situations where distributing medicine or supplies would be necessary, the use of plague for the scenario tests many important elements of the federal, state and local emergency response plans.

Transportation Relay Exercise (T-REX) is a full-scale exercise set for May 6-10. Department of Health is responsible for ensuring our state is prepared for public health emergencies. Exercises test preparedness and response and build strong relationships with federal, state, local and tribal partners.

King County Participation

“For this exercise, we’re testing our abilities to communicate with the state and standup our Health and Medical Area Command center to manage resource coordination, which we’re doing centrally out of our downtown Seattle offices,” explained Seattle and King County Public Health Communications Director James Apa.  “As part of this exercise, we’re also practicing receiving deliveries from the state at a few locations around the county. For security reasons, we’re not disclosing those locations.”

The above is a press release from the Washington State Dept. of Health. The Auburn Examiner has not independently verified its contents, save to confirm King County’s involvement.

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