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Only No Bullshit Hugs Allowed at Battlefield Addiction

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Photo Courtesy Battlefield Addiction

If you have a teenager you likely are familiar with the limp, noodle-armed hugs they half-heartedly give.  Tim Keaty of Battlefield Addiction is also no stranger to these types of hugs.  But he didn’t accept them.  He insisted he get what he called a “No Bullshit Hug.”

“It became a ritual to remind my kids that we give real hugs. Hugs that say ‘I Love You,'” shared Tim.  “One Week before we lost our son, [Devan], to an overdose I saw him for the last time. He tried to give me one of these fake hugs and I wouldn’t allow it. ‘No Bullshit hugs’ I said.’  He smiled and gave me the best hug! He was 23 years old and for the first time in his life, I had recognized that he had become a man and how strong he was. It was the best gift I could have ever hoped for.”

Battlefield Addition now sells custom created t-shirts with the saying on it.  The shirts remind members and supporters of Battlefield Addiction of the No Bullshit Hugs policy.

Battlefield Addition co-founder Angie Keaty’s vision is to “see a sea of people wearing No Bullshit Hugs shirts at [the Overdose Awareness Event at the end of August.]

Shirts can be purchased for $35 at the Battlefield Coffee House in Auburn, or online at https://battlefieldaddiction.com/gear.  Orders placed by August 10th will arrive in time for the August 27th National Overdose Awareness Event at Battlefield Coffee House.

Angie Keaty, Battlefield Addiction co-founder shares the story of No Bullshit Hugs.




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