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October 2019 Playlists

After taking September off (read: editor Elizabeth got busy and forgot) we’re back with more new music for you.  We’ve got another new team member’s playlist for you – Cameron!  Cameron is our new finance contributor, and we’re excited to have him as an addition to our team.  You can start to get to know him through his first playlist this month!

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Warning: some songs may contain explicit lyrics

Elizabeth’s October 2019 Playlist

Jason’s October 2019 Playlist

For this particular playlist, I wanted to tap into that Autumnal vibe. These are songs that provide a sense of nostalgia and can be sung around a campfire.

Scott’s October 2019 Playlist

Waylon’s October 2019 Playlist

Cameron’s October 2019 Playlist

We did create a playlist in September that did not get posted.  It was in honor of World Suicide Prevention Day.  Here is that playlist:

Suicide an every day battle for far too many. Just remember, you’re not alone. Someone is always listening. 1-800-273-8255 #yourfutureneedsyouyourpastdoesnt

What do you think of this month’s playlists?  Let us know in the comments below!

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