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Mayor Nancy Backus sits down with Auburn Junior City Councilmembers


A recent conversation between Mayor Nancy Backus and three members of Auburn’s Junior City Council shed light on the unique experience of representing thousands of constituents while still in high school.

The discussion also touched upon the future political aspirations of these young leaders.


Mayor Backus sat down with the Junior City Councilmembers to delve into their experiences and gain insight into their perspectives. The conversation, which took place at an undisclosed location, provided an opportunity for the Mayor to understand the challenges and responsibilities faced by these young representatives.

The Junior City Council, composed of high school students, serves as a platform for youth engagement in local governance. Through their involvement, these young individuals gain firsthand experience in the political arena, representing the interests of their peers and the wider community.

The Mayor and the Junior City Councilmembers discussed the unique position these young representatives find themselves in, balancing the demands of their education with the responsibilities of public service. The conversation highlighted the dedication and commitment displayed by these individuals as they navigate the intricacies of local politics.

Looking ahead, the discussion also touched upon the future political aspirations of the Junior City Council members. While their immediate focus remains on their current roles, the conversation revealed a shared interest in pursuing further political involvement in the future. The Mayor expressed her support for their aspirations and encouraged them to continue their engagement in public service.


“The Auburn City Council created the Junior City Council in order to get advice and ideas from students on things like parks, recreation, entertainment, traffic, police, festivals, trails, environmental stewardship and other social issues,” the city said on its website. “Students will learn leadership skills, improve their chances for scholarships, learn how City government operates and see how they can influence government activities in order to make a positive difference in the community.”

More info on the Junior City Council is here.

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