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Lambert House Brings LGBTQ Youth Group to Auburn


Lambert House, Auburn Lambert House group, Lambert House king county groups, LGBTQ youth groupLambert House, a self-sustaining LGBTQ youth organization, is expanding its community with new groups throughout King County.  The organization will begin with five groups this summer.  Auburn’s group will first meet this coming Monday, July 15th.

King County Support Groups Program Coordinator Laurie  Colacurcio shared more about Lambert House with us:


Lambert House is here to serve LGBTQ youth. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth face a constellation of elevated risks – depression, self-harm, suicide, homelessness and alcohol/other drug abuse –compared to their non-LGBTQ peers.  These risks result from emotional and psychological isolation from family and from peers.

Adolescents rely on both their parent(s)/guardian(s) and on their peers for basic needs, nurturance, guidance, limit setting, feedback, socialization, relationship skill development, and values clarification. LGBTQ adolescents often feel psychologically and socially isolated from peers and are usually minorities, and often misunderstood, in their own families.

Lambert House provides a place where youth can find both a supportive peer group and the trusted adults they need to feel good about themselves. That social support from both adults and peers is the single most important protective factor in preventing the constellation of risks LGBTQ youth face from becoming reality.

Lambert House is starting a new social support group for LGBTQ youth in South Auburn this July.  The group will meet twice a month.  For more information please contact or check out the website at


Lambert House received funding from King County through Best Starts for Kids to create and support LGBTQ youth peer support groups in smaller cities/towns and rural areas throughout King County. Funding through 2021 will allow Lambert House to create 17 such groups in communities with a population around 30,000 and smaller.



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