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Hanan Amer for Auburn City Council: ‘Making Auburn Pop’



Making Auburn Pop

Have you ever wondered how we can turn our city into a colorful, lively, and economically thriving place? With Auburn City Council candidate Hanan Amer, we can do that. The Boeing Chemist states, “Everything in life is Chemistry. Your coffee, cooking, even relationships. Building off of the hard work of so many people, we can continue to develop good chemistry in Auburn.”


Artistic Magic:

Imagine our city turning into an incredible art gallery! Colorful murals, fantastic sculptures, and amazing artworks are already popping up around Auburn. With the opening of Postmark Center for the Arts, as well as White River Museum, Mary Olsen Farm and many more, these masterpieces now have a home to make our city unique. Art attract tourists which means more people visiting our city and more money flowing into our local shops and restaurants. Hanan Amer, is a huge supporter for local artists and stated, “I will continue to help us partner with the community to grow the vibrance of Auburn.”

Exciting Events:

The Auburn Farmers Market, Petpooluza, Kids Day, Veteran’s Day Parade and many more events in Auburn are like a treasure troves filled with yummy food, handmade crafts, and all sorts of cool stuff for our community to see and do. People gather to have fun and enjoy delicious treats. But did you know these events also help local businesses thrive? When we shop and eat at these events and around the city after, which helps our money to stay in our city, which helps it grow and become more vibrant. “Putting a focus on organizing more fun events that benefit our city is so important,” says Amer.


Celebration Of Culture:

“Our city has a unique culture and heritage that deserves to get a spotlight,” says Amer.

Auburn and its people are diverse. Showcasing these diverse cultures will attract people from all over, not only to celebrate them but to experience what our city is all about.

“I want to create a safe, vibrant, and inclusive community so everyone has the opportunity to thrive,” says Hanan Amer who is continuing the pursuit in helping Auburn be more vibrant, colorful, and economically strong.


For more info on how we can make Auburn pop and be a dynamic and lively place that everyone will be proud to call home visit

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