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Brian Lott: The City Council candidate with a Solid Vision for Auburn



Auburn is in the middle of city council elections with election day being November 7.


Among the candidates vying for a place at the council table, there’s one who stands out, not just for his extensive professional experience but for his commitment to the community he calls home.  That candidate is Brian Lott.

Brian offers insights into what makes him the right choice for Auburn’s City Council. 

Interviewer: “Auburn certainly has its share of challenges. Can you identify the city’s top five issues and how you believe the city should tackle them?”

Brian Lott: “Sure. The five most pressing issues, in my view, are crime, business development, homelessness, mental health, and drug abuse. For crime, we should increase community policing, and invest in crime prevention programs like after-school activities for youth and neighborhood watches. For business development, we should streamline permitting processes, reduce red tape, and offer incentives to attract new businesses. Homelessness requires immediate outreach and services as well as long-term investments in affordable housing and job training programs. Prioritizing mental health involves establishing accessible mental health clinics and crisis intervention programs. Tackling drug abuse requires a combination of prevention, treatment, and support.”


Interviewer: “What makes you unique, Brian, and how will your abilities help Auburn deal with these challenges?”

Brian: “I’m very good at finding solutions to problems and working within and managing timelines. If I’m not seeing results, I’m quick to determine the issue and adjust the plan. My 20+ years of professional experience provide me with a unique set of talents and abilities. I do have strong leadership experience, paired with collaborative teamworking skills, and a practical problem-solving mindset. My experiences in financial and project management show my ability to turn ideas into actionable plans. Having owned my own business with over 150 employees, I understand what businesses need to grow and prosper. All of this and a healthy dose of common-sense makes me a candidate who can bring real-life experience to tackle Auburn’s most pressing issues.”

Interviewer: “Sounds like you know what you’re doing!  Where can people that haven’t voted yet in this election find out more about you?”


Brian: “I have a website and social media that make it easy to reach out but I always love it when someone picks up the phone and gives me a call.  If you see me walking around downtown or attending one of the many cool events around Auburn, come up and say hi!  I am always out and about enjoying our city and I love to talk with people.”



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