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Auburn Crime Catch-Up: October and November 2019

We know how frustrating it can be to hear about an incident, but not have any follow up.  With that in mind, we followed up on recent incidents in an effort to help keep the community informed and aware with our Auburn Crime Catch-up.

We investigated many of these incidents due to reader tips.  If there is an incident that you would like more information on, please email [email protected] and we will do our best to get more information and provide updates (sometimes we even post documents!)

Trailer Theft, Suspect Unidentified:
This individual is a suspect in the theft of a trailer.  Though the trailer was recovered in Renton, the individual remains unidentified and at large.  If you recognize this individual please contact Auburn Police and reference case 19-12736.

apd, auburn police, suspect, theif
Do you know this man? Contact Auburn police and reference case #19-12736

October 24th, Shooting by the Green River:
According to police, a couple fishing at the Green River beach access in the 31500 block of 104th Ave SE were approached by a man in a truck. The man exited the truck and began to urinate near the pair. After the male of the couple had words with the man he fired several shots, striking the couple’s vehicle.  The female of the couple was also hit.

The man in the truck is described as a white male, 35-45 years old, 5’08”-5’10”, with an average build. Red, blonde or light-colored facial hair with a mustache. The suspect was also wearing a ball cap at the time of the incident.

The suspect’s vehicle is described as a dark-colored, maybe charcoal, 2000-2010 likely Dodge pickup. The truck has a lifted suspension with big tires, very loud exhaust, with 2 off-road style lights over the cab. The truck may also have a fancy grill.

Detectives have no new updates on this case.  If you have any information related to this incident please contact Auburn police and reference case #19-12520.

Shooting at Meadows on Lea Hill:
Police are still seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the man in this video.  According to Auburn Police, he is believed to be “related to an investigation of a shooting that occurred on Lea Hill on August 9th” If you recognize this man or have any information related to this incident please contact Auburn police and reference case #19-09462.

Note: Some have questioned the quality of the video and if it was edited.  We inquired to APD and were informed the footage is what was provided by the apartment complex.  Viewing the footage carefully, a car can be seen in the background prior to the door opening.  It appears an edit may have been made to remove an unrelated individual from the video who was leaving the building and going out to their car.

November 12th Shooting:
On November 12th several Auburn police units responded lights and sirens to a report of a shooting.  There was no evidence to support the report.

October 28th, Vehicle Pursuit:
Auburn police pursued a vehicle (and driver) that had been reported out of Kent earlier that day for a drive-by shooting.  According to APD Commander Hirman, when officers attempted to stop “the vehicle, it took off at a high rate of speed. Officers terminated the pursuit. The vehicle sideswiped another vehicle on A Street SE heading northbound.”

Hirman confirmed that the Washington State Patrol came upon the vehicle on SR-167 minutes later.  WSP contacted APD for a K-9 track. “The suspect was located and arrested,” stated Hirman.

October 23rd Car Theft:
Timothy Timmons was released from jail October 19th, on his own recognizance after allegedly assaulting two police officers.  He is currently in King County Jail (Kent), charged with stealing a vehicle October 20th.  Bail has been set at $2,500 per charge (two in total).  He is waiting for trial.

October 20th 7-11 Attempted Armed Robbery:

A male wearing a red jacket attempted to rob the 7-11 on 21st Street Se October 20th. After producing a gun and demanding money from the store clerk a customer pushed the would-be thief out of the store.  Once outside he entered a dark four-door vehicle.   Police requested public assistance in identifying the suspect.  At this time a possible suspect had been identified.  However, if you have any information on this incident or know this individual please contact Auburn police and reference case # 19-12345 (yes, that is the correct case number.)

apd, auburn police, 19-12345, auburn wa, auburn
Do you know this man? Contact Auburn police and reference case #19-12345
apd, auburn police, 19-12345, auburn wa, auburn
Do you know this car/the individuals? Contact Auburn police and reference case #19-12345

ICYMI: The City of Auburn and Chief Bill Pierson separated November 21st.  Dan O’Neil has been named interim-Chief until at least June 2020.   When asked in a Facebook comment about Pierson’s departure, the City responded that “as with all personnel matters, the City will not be providing any additional information about Chief Pierson’s separation.”

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