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Auburn City Council Study Session Re-cap: April 22, 2019



The study session was called to order at 5:31 pm.   All councilmembers were present.


A.  Racial Equity Presentation (Video)


The council had a presentation on a racial equity program that the city may be investing in.  The program would teach mainly on racial inequity, but it would also encompass all issues such as disability, sexual orientation, and gender equity. Councilmembers Trout-Manuel, Holman and Brown expressed that they were very glad about the potentials of the program. The program increases cultural awareness and economic development in the city. Mayor Backus expressed that we want to be a welcoming city and that this program helps us toward achieving that goal.


  A.  RPG Properties – Introduction of Inland Construction (Video)

Next, the council heard a presentation about on RPG Properties’ purchase of the Old Valley 6 Drive-In property.  Inland Construction is looking at purchasing the property from RPG Properties and presented to council how they intend to develop it. They plan to have it be retail, residential and have some office space. There will be space for 500 apartments and some of them would be up to 4 bedrooms, which is uncommon among apartments.  Council was very excited at the prospect of this new development.

B. Discuss Draft Ordinance No. 6714 for ROW Vacation #V2-18 (Video)


After that council discussed draft ordinance 6714 which talks about vacating a right of way property in south Auburn.

  C.  2020-2025 Transportation Improvement Program Annual Update   (Video)

The council then had their annual update on the Transportation Improvement Program, and they talked about looking more at projects this year.


D. Tenant Protection Laws and Programs and  E.     Multifamily Property Programs (Video)

The last item was tenant protection and multi-family homes.  This talked about city codes and regulations that are in place for landlords and tenants.  Ways owners of multi-family homes need to communicate with the city was also discussed.  Council also talked about ways they could improve their codes regarding multi-family homes.

As usual, the council ended with the matrix, which is their plan for future study sessions. The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

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One Comment

  1. John John May 29, 2019

    There is a bias against successful white people. People like the presenter are always trying to give less educated people something. That is not a way to help people make something of themselves. I find it offensive that white people are made to feel guilty for being successful. People need to make their own way and stop blaming others. YOU the Leaders of THIS SANCTUARY STATE have caused these problems.

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