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Why do We Celebrate Cinco de Mayo?


Cinco De Mayo is not just about Tacos. Not many people know what Cinco De Mayo is about. This year, Cinco De Mayo is on Tuesday, which is ironic because, you know, Taco Tuesday. This Tuesday is also the 152nd anniversary of the Mexican army’s victory over the French Army at the first Battle of Puebla. This victory was so momentous because the Mexican Army was much smaller than the French Army.

The celebration of Cinco de Mayo has gone from celebrating the victory at Puebla, to celebrating Mexican-American Culture in the United States. The celebration started in California in 1863.  Celebrating the holiday didn’t spread much until the 1980s when wine and beer companies capitalized on the holiday. Today there are celebrations across the United States.  These celebrations include Mexican cuisine, festivals, and educational events.


On June 7th, 2005, President George W. Bush, was called by the United States Congress to ask the American people to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with proper ceremonies and celebrations. Today, people will typically hang banners commemorating the holiday, and schools will educate students on the history behind Cinco de Mayo.

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Cinco de Mayo in Mexico

Now, what about Mexico? Four Days after the battle of Puebla, President Benito Juarez declared the 5th of May a national holiday. Though Cinco de Mayo is no longer a national holiday in Mexico, it is still celebrated. On May 5th, all Mexican public Schools are closed.

In the states of Puebla and Veracruz, it is a full holiday.  Everything is closed and the holiday is celebrated with parades, cultural celebrations, and reenactments of the battle.


Cinco de Mayo Around the World

There are also celebrations elsewhere, but they are certainly smaller than the U.S. or Mexico. These Celebrations take place mainly in Canada, Central America, and the Caribbean. These celebrations include mainly music and food.

A Stay Home Cinco de Mayo

For Cinco De Mayo, you should remember what it is about while you are devouring your delicious food and drinks. We recommend going out to support local businesses around Auburn to help them during our pandemic.

Here are a few local restaurants that offer take out and/or delivery (including tasty margaritas) to help you celebrate today.  Remember, “Stay Home and Stay Healthy” in these times of celebration


Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant & Cantina

Rio Blanco Mexican Restaurant

Los Cabos Family Mexican Restaurant 

Las Margaritas

Puerto Vallarta of Lake Tapps

Mazatlan Restaurant

Sin Pancho Mexican Restaurant And Bar

Taqueria El Rinconsito

Antony’s Frutas Y Antojitos

La Rioja Mexican Cuisine

Taqueria Taco Maestro 2


Want something quick? Taco Bell, Taco Time, and Taco del Mar are all open for takeout. Check your favorite delivery app for availability.

This list compiled from the website.  If your favorite Auburn Mexican restaurant is not listed, please share their information in the comments. We also encourage you to pass on the website with them as well.


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