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UPDATED: MultiCare Auburn Caregivers To Hold Informational Picket


WHO: MultiCare Auburn Medical Center caregivers and community supporters

WHAT: Informational Picket for Quality Care

Auburn Multicare, Emergency Room, Auburn Hospital, City of Auburn, Auburn Emergency Room
Multicare Auburn Medical Center |
Courtesy Photo, MultiCare

WHEN: Tuesday, February 12
New Date: Thursday, February 21, 2019
2:30 – 5 pm Informational Picket
5 pm Community rally
Note: This date is subject to change due to inclement weather

WHERE: Outside MultiCare Auburn Medical Center Emergency Room
                  202 N Division Street, Auburn

What To Expect

Auburn, WA On Tuesday, February 12, scores of licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants, food and nutrition services workers, ER techs, housekeepers, sterile processing techs and other staff will hold an “Informational Picket for Quality Care” at MultiCare Auburn Medical Center

The 350 healthcare workers at MultiCare Auburn have been asking management to listen to their serious concerns for over 6 months

Caregivers will be informing patients and neighbors about severe problems with short-staffing, high turnover and unfair wages that make it difficult to recruit and retain qualified staff. Patients are negatively impacted by staff turnover because they can be forced to wait long periods for the care they need.


“There’s been a disturbing trend in healthcare, where corporations are sponsoring sports teams and pouring money into branding while neglecting caregivers and risking patient care,” said Caroline Bellinger a licensed practical nurse at MultiCare Auburn. “That’s what is happening at MultiCare Auburn Medical Center. Management is making the outside of the buildings pretty while inside we’re struggling with startling turnover rates, calls to pick up extra shifts due to short staffing, and low wages. It’s time MultiCare Auburn Medical Center comes to the table and addresses the concerns and proposed solutions to the job crisis at Auburn. The people, our patients, deserve the best from their community hospital.”

Why Hold The Picket?

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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

“We’re losing too many people to other hospitals, and as a dedicated healthcare worker, I can’t just sit on the sidelines and watch patient care be eroded,” said Brandy Carner, a food and nutrition services worker. “That’s why we’re taking action and informing our community, to make sure MultiCare Auburn is a place where caregivers can continue to give quality care.”

The 350 healthcare workers at MultiCare Auburn have been asking management to listen to their serious concerns for over 6 months, since they started negotiations on July 31 and their union contract expired on September 30 of last year. MultiCare certainly has the resources to invest in quality care and good jobs for the local community. In 2017, MulitCare Health System made over $294 million in profit.


Service Employees International Union

SEIU Healthcare 1199NW is the largest healthcare union in Washington State, with over 30,000 nurses and healthcare workers throughout hospitals, skilled home health and hospice programs, clinics and mental health.

SEIU Healthcare 1199NW’s mission is to advocate for quality care and good jobs for all Washingtonians.

The above is a press release from SEIU Healthcare 1199NW.  The Auburn Examiner has not independently investigated its contents.  We have reached out to MultiCare for a response and have not yet received a comment back.  The Auburn Examiner is researching this matter further and will update with further information in a separate article.

Updated: February 11, 2019 12:24PM



  1. Jon Myers Jon Myers February 10, 2019

    Thank you for the informative and well written article regarding our informational picket. I work in the Sterile Processing Department at the hospital and serve on the bargaining committee 4 SEIU 1199 Northwest as a representative for my department. Auburn Medical Center has a 54% turn over rate of staff because the wages do not attract or retain quality staff. A friend of mine whom is a nurse in the pacu took a new job at Valley Medical Center just up the road and received a $6 an hour raise and no weekends or call hours. Due to being understaffed I worked 19 days straight and then a couple weeks later worked 16 days straight. We have been fighting to be paid the same that other hospitals in King County are paid since the end of July of last year. Auburn Medical Center seems to be a training ground for new healthcare workers to gain experience and then leave for more money and better benefits at other hospitals. How is that good for employee morale and most importantly patient care and the Auburn community. We invite you to stand with us at our informational Pickett and rally.

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