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Proposed Bill Aims to Expand Apprenticeship Programs


On January 13th, the Senate Labor, Commerce & Tribal Affairs committee, heard testimony on SB 5600, concerning the sustainability and expansion of state registered apprenticeship programs. SB 5600.

SB 5600: read the full bill (link)
Bill Sponsors: Keiser, Holy, Conway, Das, Dhingra, Hasegawa, Kuderer, Liias, Lovelett, Lovick, Randall, Rivers, Robinson, Saldaña, Salomon, Stanford, Trudeau, Wagoner, Warnick, Wellman, Wilson, C.
Bill Status: In committee


Senator Claire Wilson (D-Auburn) from the 30th Legislative District and Senator Mona Das from the 47th Legislative District are both among the sponsors of this bill.

Brief Summary of Bill
(as found in the SB 5600 Senate Bill Report)

  • Requires the Washington State Apprenticeship and Training Council (Apprenticeship Council) to establish sector-based subcommittees to promote industry collaboration and review curricula for apprenticeship programs, and requires the Governor to establish a committee to develop apprenticeship programs for state agencies.
  • Requires apprenticeship programs seeking approval to provide a plan for future sustainability to demonstrate that, within ten years of approval, the program will be financially sustainable, independent of any state funds provided to start the program.
  • Requires the Apprenticeship Council, when evaluating applications for new apprenticeship programs, to consider whether graduating apprentices will earn a living wage, the availability of a career ladder to graduating apprentices, or the existence of non-wage benefits as factors in the approval process.
  • Establishes several grants for technology and remote learning infrastructure modernization, wrap-around support services for apprentices, and updating necessary equipment in apprenticeship programs.


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