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Lt. Governor Habib Endorses Pellicciotti for Treasurer

State Rep. Mike Pellicciotti announced today that Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib has endorsed his candidacy for Washington State Treasurer.  Pellicciotti announced in May he will challenge Republican State Treasurer Duane Davidson in 2020.

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Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib | Courtesy Photo

“I’m excited to endorse Mike Pellicciotti for State Treasurer,” said Lt. Gov. Habib. “Our state has made phenomenal progress over the past couple years, but there’s so much more we can and must do to ensure opportunity and prosperity for all. Having a pragmatic progressive like Mike in charge of our budget will be tremendously helpful in moving our state forward.”

“I’m deeply grateful for the endorsement of Lt. Gov. Habib, who is such a powerful leader on economic development, higher education, and social justice issues,” said Pellicciotti. “I appreciate his support in this race, and look forward to working with him as State Treasurer.”

Since announcing his candidacy in May, Pellicciotti has been endorsed by 50 state or federal elected officials, campaigned in six counties in his plan to visit all Washington counties, and raised over $75,000 from hundreds of people without accepting any corporate contributions.

The above is a press release from the Mike Pelliciotti for Treasurer campaign.  The Auburn Examiner has not independently verified its contents.  Note: The Auburn Examiner will continue to focus on the 2019 elections, but will publish press releases issued for the 2020 election.  

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