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Lakeland Hills Lights Brightens the 2020 Holiday Season


For the vibrant house in the Lakeland cul-de-sac to be dark would be the type of cruelty expected in 2020. But the universe has been kind, as Lakeland Hills Lights is mercifully aglow with holiday cheer.

Updates and Upgrades

Allen Range is celebrating five years of bringing joy to the neighborhood by going bigger. “For 2020 We have increased the number of pixels from around 5,700 in 2019 to just over 10,000 this year,” said Range. This increase included “increasing the density of the pixel tree significantly.”


A custom 4′ x 6′ matrix of pixels has also been added to the display. To the naked eye, the display looks like a large TV. In reality, it’s 18,432 pixels worth of lights spaced 10mm apart. This allows Range to display synchronized video content.

The display required significant changes to the layout “to accommodate the additional pixels and associated ‘props’,” explained Range, “such as relocating the mega tree to part of the driveway.”

Change often requires compromise. For Lakeland Hills Lights the compromise for 2020 was allowing the Tree Quartet to retire.  They’ve been replaced with a talented group of young up and comers, The Lightbulbs & Trees.

An Award-Winning Display

One thing that hasn’t changed in 2020 is Lakeland Hills Lights being a winner of the prestigious Paper Plate Awards. This year the musical display earned ‘Best House’, ‘Most Colorful’, and for the second year in a row, an award in all categories.

lakeland hill lights, lighted display, allen range, christmas display, animated holiday display
Lakeland Hills Lights’ 2020 Paper Plate Awards | Photo Courtesy Allen Range, Lakeland Hills Lights

Trick or Lakeland Hills Lights?

Pacific Northwest winters are usually wet and rainy. This type of weather isn’t typically conducive to setting up intricate holiday displays, especially with roof sections. With safety in mind Range began installing lights on the roof before Halloween.

The fall installation allowed Range to put together a short, three-song, display on Halloween. It also helped to reduce the stress Range’s wife Jane has when he’s on the roof.

lakeland hill lights, lighted display, allen range, christmas display, animated holiday display
Lakeland Hills Lights, Halloween | Photo courtesy Lakeland Hills Lights

Visit the Lakeland Hills Light Display

The Range’s display can be seen in person at 1521 59th PL SE in Auburn, WA (in the Ashton subdivision of the Lakeland Community in South Auburn).  The show runs daily from around 5:00 pm to around 9:45 pm.  You can tune in to 92.1FM and listen from the comfort of your car.


“Please help us stay safe by practicing social distancing,” asked Range. “If it gets too crowded we will have to shut down the show and we don’t want to do that.”
Reminders for watching the show:

  • Please respect the neighbors as they try to get to their homes (so far this has been going well).
  • Please do not block driveways
  • The best viewing location is if you back into the culdesac facing the house. If you can see the “Tune to 92.1” sign you are good.
  • Please don’t block the display while watching.
  • Please turn off your headlights while watching to see all the subtle colors
  • Keep your volume at a reasonable level (our neighbors will thank you)
  • Children dancing in the driveway is totally fine as long as safe social distancing is practiced (watch for dancing children).

2020 Playlist

New music was also added in 2020. Below is the current show order, including the year it was added, song title, artist, and duration (provided by Lakeland Hills Lights). The current show length is about 45 minutes with song changes happening throughout the season. New songs for 2020 are green.

THX Intro Final Mix 0:46
2020 Hark The Herald Angels Sing (Lincoln Brewster) – 3:08
2020 Santa Shark – 2:37
Talking Trees segment 1 – 1:12
2020 Xmas Every Day (Simple Plan) – 3:46
2020 Let It Snow (Micheal Buble) – 2:05
2020 Christmas Can Can (Straight No Chaser) – 2:41
2019 Let It Go (Idina Menzel) – 3:43
Talking Trees segment 2 – 0:40
2020 Feliz Navidad (Jose Feliciano) – 3:01
2019 Sleigh Ride (Pentatonix) – 2:16
2019 Little Drummer boy (King and Country) – 4:37
2019 Light of Christmas (Owl City) – 3:44
Talking Trees segment 3 – 0:48
2020 Winter Wonderland (Johnny Mathis) – 3:19
2020 Into The Unknown (Panic! at the Disco) – 3:09
2019 Disney Princess Medley (Various Soundtracks) – 11:25
Talking Trees segment 4 – 0:29
The Ranges “hope [the light display] brings peace and joy to your Christmas Season.”

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